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Organizing Christmas balls, spring team excursions or unusual sports games
Most often, our services are chosen by companies from which collective has been at our wedding. When guests experience our true desire to give people moments with laughter, fun, dance and at the same time underline the essence of the event. They want to meet us more and more, but since marrying is enough once, then we are meeting in corporate events. Event organizers are different – we choose clients who want an individual approach.
There are companies with whom we have been collaborating for many years, organizing both small internal collective events and large anniversary companies. We have an inner joke that our regular clients provide us with mind-lifting, because at least three times a year we need new ideas and activities for events.
Event organizers are useful for various events, we have also organized:
  • Disclosure of the warehouse of the wholesale pharmaceutical company;
  • Sports games with employees from 5 countries with a high level of racing, teamwork and sports from another perspective;
  • New product launch measures to present them to the press or corporate staff.
Most often we organize:
  • Christmas events with 15-30 employees;
  • Unusual excursions or sports games, where our knowledge of stopping points in Latvia is great. Interestingly, we are basically divided into companies with women’s collectives and companies with male collectives. The activities and interests of these groups are extremely diverse.
  • Corporate special anniversaries that are so classic and elegant that they are approaching the wedding frontier.
Photos from “Adoria – 10“.