The essence of consultations

The wedding consultations aren’t necessary for those couples who have their wedding planner already. A wedding consultation is intended for those, who organize a wedding by themselves. Who are a maids of honor or parents of the young couple. A specific tips are given, work tasks, tested scenario or the budget. And many other advises are given.

Reviews form clients about the consultations:

”Thanks to the Wedding Agency for our cooperation. Every time when we go to the consultation, we know that at the agency we’ll be awaited by smiling and welcoming people, of who we can say that they are people in the right place.

When my sister asked us to be her maid of honor, we got nervous – will we be able to give her such happiness on her wedding day and surprises. After two meetings with Dace we got that it isn’t that much complicated.

The most important thing for us as maids of honor is to know them, to really know what they want and then take what Dace suggests that could be the most suited for them. Even after the meeting Dace answers to the unclear questions, also she tells where would the best places be to buy or lease inventory. Thank You!”

Reviews from wedding clients.


There are times when a couple wants to plan their own wedding

– but they don’t have enough experience.  Or sometimes they don’t have the information how to plan such an event. The Wedding Agency offers consultation service to lean the couple in a way to work in. To suggest original and suited ideas for already made scenarios or the plans of the day. Also to share the experience and tips for the couple’s wedding day to be well planned and thought of. We offer this kind of consultation to the maid of honor as well, who wants to surprise the young couple with unseen ideas and a special atmosphere in the wedding day.

The wedding consultations are used by:
  • Young couples who don’t know where to start with planning their wedding;
  • Young couples who want a specialist to look into their done work before the wedding;
  • Young couples who have one or more topical questions where is a need for a specialist’s tips;
  • Maids of honor who want a specialist who could look into their already made scenario;
  • Maids of honor who need an original idea for a concrete section of the wedding;
  • Maids of honor who need an advise for any stage of the wedding planning;
  • Mothers who help to plan a wedding for their children who doesn’t live in Latvia.
The consultations are very different,

for example: a small wedding, where just in one consultation all the view and tips for the wedding can be talked out. A bride after the wedding came to visit us with a huge flower bouquet. Because, she said that everything that was talked out in the 2 hour consultation was written down. And she used it all in her wedding and the wedding was special. And in the end there wasn’t even a feeling that the wedding was that small, but like a huge wedding. Because the guests were so happy that they celebrated with a lot of fun and for a long time!

Another example: a couple who have a view of how they want the wedding day, but it isn’t clear how to celebrate it. In the consultation we talk out three different types of wedding celebrations, what could be an average budget for every type. And what pluses and minuses have each type. Now the couple could plan their wedding by themselves being confident about their choice’s justification.

You have to apply for the consultation calling by the number +371 27531155 or writing to this email: Telling in what kind of question You want the specialist’s advice. Before the consultation the specialist will want to speak with you by the phone to talk out the topical questions for You before the meeting. The consultation lasts for 2 hours. For those clients who don’t live in Latvia – consultations via Skype.