Tatjana and Gaurav

Mežotnes pils kāzās, kāzu svinības, laulību ceremonija, tēvs un līgavainis kāzās, Kāzu Aģentūra

A testimonial from Tatjana and Gaurav:
TaInternational wedding

During the cooperation, Sandra and Dace always were patient with us, listened to us, and did our utmost to fulfill our desires. Sometimes we felt we were demanding, but Sandra and Dace understood it and made us believe that everything was possible. Sandra was always very positive, exhilarating, trying to fulfill all our desires. Dace helped tackle the serious issues. All the information provided was as clear and understandable as possible. Thanks to the Wedding Agency planning and organizing the wedding, for us it was a fun and interesting process with no stress. Sandra and Dace helped us make the right decisions to fulfill our dream wedding (especially in the ceremony and celebration place choice). International wedding. Tatjana and Gaurav.

On the wedding day we were amazed at the details of attention
everything was prepared and fulfilled according to our desires and beyond our expectations. We felt that a lot of love was put into the work. The “Wedding Agency” team was very friendly and cared for us as our family. We knew that we could fully trust the team and enjoy the day knowing that everything’s under control.
Pastor Kaspars Šterns, the wedding host Egils Melbārds, photographer Mārtiņš Plūme and video operator Aleks Lisenko we enjoyed the most of the wedding day service providers.
Pastor Kaspars made our ceremony very spiritual, meaningful and inspiring. He knew how to tell our love story with meaning and emotion. Thanks to Kaspars, the ceremony was an unforgettable and best part of the wedding day for us. We will always remember the words Kaspars told us during the ceremony.
Mārtiņš and Aleks were there all day, getting us excited and entertained us, avoiding from stress and making us smile all the time. They were very active in trying to capture the best moments, and patient with us in the course of time. Plūme was very understandable and all the photos were amazing, with emotions and beautiful compositions. All the important moments were captured. Lisenko’s video material was tailored to our special needs and professionally edited. Aleks also provided us with his own photos. Special thanks for the job.
The wedding host Egils Melbārdis was able to enchant all the wedding guests.
He was very enjoyable, caring and helpful. Egils spent all his time with the guests, entertaining them and engaging in various activities. As a translator, he also helped the guests communicate with each other, and also successfully translated the speeches that mattered to us. Thanks to Egils, the wedding guests felt relaxed, happy and enjoyed the day full.
We had a perfect ceremony and a celebration place,
both were decorated and decorated grandly, exceeding our expectations. Everything was so beautiful and miraculous as a fairy tale! We also enjoyed the limousine comfort and luxury. We really enjoyed the romantic music during the trip. Also unforgettable, one of the best memories was horseback riding along the sea, which filled the bride’s dream.
The wedding night in the Mežotne Palace was full of interesting traditions and entertainments. The family members spoke in the evening, and sang and played on the piano for us, which made the evening very heartfelt and special. Towards the end of the evening, we also enjoyed fun dancing with the guests. The wedding day was so fabulous, it was a pity that the time passed quickly.
We would recommend “The Wedding Agency” for the couples
who want a wedding tailored to special wishes. “The Wedding Agency” is a great family organizers for weddings, an open minded for new ideas, is very creative and hard working. “The Wedding Agency” is investing a lot of time and effort, at the same time with love and care to fulfill dreams and make the wedding day a memorable and meaningful day.
We will be forever grateful for the special wedding dream that “The Wedding Agency” was able to give us. Special thanks to Sandra and Dace, the great team.
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