Vita and Dāvis

kāzu fotosesija ar baltiem suņiem

Since we are living abroad, but we wanted to get married in Latvia, we quickly came to the conclusion that we should find an agency, because to plan a wedding from Ireland seemed too complicated and we didn’t want to push it on the relative’s shoulders as well. And now, looking around, our wedding wouldn’t be as grand and full with surprises if we planned it by ourselves.

I searched in the internet to choose an agency. To put it more precisely I specially put more attention to the negative experiences. After all, “The Wedding Agency” met all the important criteria:

  1. The existence and experience of the company
  2. Professional website
  3. I couldn’t find bad reviews
  4. The wedding photography of the website complied with our notions
  5. There was no doubt after the meeting


During the cooperation, we enjoyed the flexibility (especially because there were so many people involved from our side), openness, attention on the small things and flexibility to budget – advice on what is more profitable and where it should not be saved.

On the wedding day we most enjoyed the surprises, especially the wedding trail. The visit of the university surprised us and very, very much we liked the table with the pancakes and tea. We felt like we were taken care of and welcome. It was pleasant that everything was reasonable – for example, not too many games.

All service providers – in particular the photographer, videographer and evening host – were like „one of us”. There was no feeling of stiffness or compulsion. Everyone was open and cozy. The wedding agency staff always awaited with a smile.

After the wedding, we have the desire and the feeling that we would like to entrust all the great celebrations of our life to the Wedding Agency.

The main things we got during the cooperation:

  1. Very beautiful feast (memories)
  2. Confidence that everything will succeed – a sense of security
  3. We detected how much stress was being saved (Dāvis sentence – saving nerve cells)
  4. We met sincere people who do their work with joy and enthusiasm.


I recommend your service to anyone who wants to spend their feast with no worries, surprises and charming people (who will understand and strive to implement customer’s ideas and the feast of dreams). It would also be advisable for those who are considering the budget as an important thing, because the agency, however, knows the market and service providers that are suited to the finances in question.

Have a sunny and successful summer!

Vita and Dāvis