Santa and Vilnis

ziemas kāzu ceremonija

We had the luck to make 2012 the most magical date – December 12th – one of the most fascinating and positive emotions filled days of our two lives. We knew that we wanted to feel like a king and a queen on our wedding day, and that the ceremony should take place in the palace garden, even though the earth with the heavens would swirl together. Although a few days before the wedding a little excitement was felt about the upcoming weather, waking up on the wedding day was a real miracle – the golden sunshine shone on the white snow cover. Just like a fairy tale! In order to make the most of the atmosphere of the fairy tale, we wanted a wedding with a light pink touch, which is also one of my favorite colors. Thanks to the chosen place for celebrations – the Dikļi Castle, the charming decorations and the emotional touch in everything, our wedding was just as special as we had been dreaming about it before.

Indescribable thank you to Dace Miezīte and the whole “Wedding Agency” team who helped us to fulfill our dream by professionally fulfilling all our wishes. The wedding was great, the weather cockered us, and our loyal assistants were greatly excited to make this day memorable. According to the “I do” words, the ceremony reached its culmination when our initials rose above the castle and the sky was filled with fireworks accompanied by shades of appropriate music. At this moment the heart was chuckling and tears of thrill were falling for all those who were present.

We appreciate the work done by the employees of the “Wedding Agency”, ranging from small variations to major, important works. Thank you for the opportunity to entrust you with one of the most important days of our life. Memories are fading with years, but the feelings of that day will always be in our hearts, and we are extremely grateful for that. There are not enough words to describe our pleasure.

kāzas ziemā