Natālija and Mārtiņš

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We are extremely grateful to Dace and the whole team of Wedding Agency for organizing our unforgettable wedding. Everything was accomplished in a very professional and timely manner with no hassle.

They were literally reading our minds. Then managed to bring everything to life within our set budget, aiming for top quality in every position. Wedding Agency took care of even the tiniest details which proves their valuable experience in the field.  Wedding Agency understanding and what is more – immense love towards their work.

There were also international guests at our wedding. So not only we had our ceremony and reception held bilingually, but also or MC of the night was outstandingly well received, funny and entertaining to all.

Also, decorations and setting the atmosphere in all venues was done in a very short time.  I say it all looked absolutely fabulous, aligned with the agreed wedding theme. Finally, we received a beautiful and very special surprise- so please make sure you fill out all the homework coming from Dace, it’s all so worth it at the end! 🙂 We sincerely recommend working with Wedding Agency to experience the wedding of your dreams!

Natālija & Mārtiņš