Madara and Jānis

True Message from Madara and Jānis:

Madara and John belong to those lucky people who met each other in the internet. A month long chat on the internet led to the first date on January 25, 2008. And after four years of friendship, Janis on Valentine’s Day 2012 delighted Madara with an engagement ring. Just simple and sweet, and with a set of red rose bouquet. The wedding date was set on August 10, 2013. The ceremony and celebration place came with. Mežotne castle park is beautiful and it is meant for a wedding ceremony in the field, and the Mežotne Palace Green Hall is created for the solemn and exciting celebration of the wedding day. An important aspect of the celebration was the opportunity to accommodate 50 guests and the wedding meal was delicious and more modern than ground cabbage and chop.

If a man indicates that he does not want to participate at the wedding planning, that does not mean that he does not have an opinion on the particular issue. The color of the wedding mustache – violet, was chosen by Jānis from Madara’s offered by several variants. The specific theme for the wedding was not determined; it was only a desire to be romantic and family-like.

Madara and Jānis, slightly less than a year before their wedding, met Dace Miezīte, the director of the Wedding Agency, who helped the couple in arranging the wedding. The dwarfs of the wedding agency were those who made the wedding day romantic and memorable. Thanks to the agency, everything before the wedding was without worries and stress. All the service providers chosen by the Wedding Agency were at a high level. Particular mention should be made of the amazing floral decorations created by florist Valters Ozoliņš. Both the young couple and guests were charmed by the flowers of Valters Ozoliņš flower arrangements. The most important thing in arranging weddings was to keep memorable memories of the wedding day. Thus, the choice of a photographer was important. Looking at the photos of Džeina Saulīte and Justīne Jukumsone-Jukumniece, the memories of the wedding day are so beautiful and realistic.

Madara and Jānis’s wedding were special because the young couple’s pets – two little dogs – attended the wedding as well. The wedding agency made sure that Tipītis and Leo, would feel special in their wedding day. Remembering the wedding, love and happiness takes over, because that’s all that ruled the day. Despite the fact that after the marriage ceremony of Madara and Jānis it started to rain, it did not disturb and did not stop. Everything has its own romance and at everything you need to look with optimism.

Madara and Jānis