A review from the bridegroom mom.
With greetings and memories of the sunny summer, hotness and love full of July day. That day, our family became bigger thanks to the two loving hearts.
We want to thank You very much for the fact that You were with us this day. Thanks to the “Wedding Agency” team for helping us to create a holiday, surprises and fun moments.
No matter that the marriage ceremony and celebration were planned for only 3 hours,
since the rest of the day the young couple had chosen to spend two days together on their wedding trip,
You have shown that they can also have a beautiful holiday.
Dace Miezīte “Wedding Agency” is the agency that responded to my request of the future groom’s mother
to help to surprise the couple on a wedding day.
It worked great! The daughter in law and the son were pleasantly surprised.
Already after my first meeting with Dace and Sandra, I realized that I could rely, trust, and be unconcerned.
I recommend to others if you want to create a beautiful and unforgettable holiday for your loved ones,
then the road is one – Dace and her excellent team “Wedding Agency”.
Regardless of whether you are planning a holiday for a couple of hours or a couple of days,
Here you will receive personal and special treatment, attention and understanding,
will listen to your wishes and needs, will find and recommend the solution best suited to you,
everything will be thought out.
“Wedding Agency” employees are professionals and experienced.
But most importantly – people who do their work with love!
You are magic – the magic of love and joy.
Wonder it!

We wish a New Year full with miracles to You all!
Groom’s mother Gunita with family.

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