Kristīne and Kaspars

Hello, Dace!

We are very happy that you succeeded planning our ceremony outside, nevertheless, the good weather and the sun smiled shortly before the beginning of ceremony and the time to manage was very short. The hanged lilies in the arbor’s and the arch’s decorations excited us. You hit like on the nail’s head with this, because we like these flowers very much. The bouquet and the decor for the car in the shape of a heart were exactly as we pictured it. The flower balls were beautiful in the inside and outside, they pleased us at home even after.

Also all the other decorations – swings, railings, flower compositions, column decorations and ceiling decorations with feathers were wonderful! All the work you have done was blooming on our wedding day!

Thank you for everything!

Testimonials about wedding organizers.

Firstly, testimonials help You to choose the wedding organizers. Organizers that are best suited to you. Secondly, we say Thank You to all our couples. Couples who have shared their after the wedding feelings. As well we understand those, who have thanked to us privately. After the wedding and haven’t sent it publicly.

Testimonials from weddings as an inspiration and support for the coupled.

In fact the wedding photography and videos live in our homepage their own lives. Especially important is that they inspire the couples. Couples who start to plan their weddings. As well as taking into account all the circumstances. They provide support into making a decision. Couples, remembering their emotions before signing the contract, have said to us. They will tell other couple to call us as well.

Aurally testimonials or experience of being in a wedding that we have organized.

We often joke around that our advertisement is Your wedding. Because most likely there are unmarried couples in Your wedding. Somehow we have organized a lot of weddings where our newly coupled have gotten to know us at our work. Their friend’s weddings. On the other hand. It is a chance for us to meet „our couples” over and over. Because once again we meet them in their friend’s wedding.

Good testimonials from wedding professionals.

Extremely huge thanks to celebration places. Photographers, evening hosts and other wedding industry professionals for suggesting directly our „Wedding Agency”. First of all, to be exact in the industry workers can collate how weddings happen with and how they happen without organizers.

Given these points. We welcome You to view the testimonials. Respectively to make an appointment.