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Review from J&G

Hello, Dace! Review from Great Britain!

Every time we go through our wedding photos or just linger in the memories of our wedding day – love still makes us fly.

Let’s rewind the whole story

to the point when we were just to begin planning our big day. We thought we will be able to do things on our own, but since we do not live in Latvia we got to realize our hands will be “too short” to have everything done by ourselves. When it came time to decide on colours, decorations and all the set-up – we started panicking. Gundars can still remember me being sad thinking – how come we will have this ordinary and dull wedding without all the beautiful decorations, like just another drinking party? Tables will break under the weight of the liquor bottles and all the wedding glory will just fade away. I was sure that is not the wedding I would want to have.

It is important for Guntars for me to be happy and delighted, as it makes him happy too. So we dreamed of beautiful and unforgettable special day of ours. Thus one day Guntars secretly contacted you – Wedding Agency. And that’s where the journey to our perfect wedding day begun!

Dace and her team did an outstanding job on the Wedding day!

As bride I especially loved my pastel wedding bouquet and all the floral decorations in chapel and guest house prepared by the florist.

Ceremony as the most important part of the wedding day – everything was just great, beautiful and very emotional…

After the ceremony we enjoyed 7 bridges journey where we got engaged in entertainment and fun prepared by our super-moms. After that we were taken to a secret spot – a romantic table setup with an amazing view to the lake. Dace couldn`t stop surprising us.

When we saw this table – it felt like our every dream of romance and the wedding we wanted just fell in place. I am short in words to describe how beautiful it was – decorated like a masterpiece where every tiny detail has been thought of. That special alone time for just two of us right after the ceremony and before the celebration was so much needed and well appreciated.

However that was not it, surprises kept coming. Two beautiful noble horses were heading our way. I could not believe my eyes. I had never been riding a horse before and now I had this chance right on my wedding day, wearing my brides gown. Just perfect!

I remember mentioning horses in the forms we filled out before the wedding, still realizing 24 hours won’t be enough to get everything I could dream of. So now you know – for Dace and her team – everything is possible!

The romantic table, horses and picturesque outdoors, felt like living a fairy-tale- some childhood dream of princesses. At that moment my wedding day already seemed so fulfilled since everything was so good, beautiful, romantic and emotional – I couldn’t hold my tears of joy and happiness. For us the wedding was already a success.

Afterwards we were heading to Leču manor for the celebration, where Dace kept surprising us.

Review – Everything looked so romantic

– tables, chairs and all the rooms decorated in the colours we had picked. It all looked so stunning that we wished this will never have to come to an end.

Starting from the official wedding ceremony, all night long we were entertained by attractive master of ceremony Ģirts. He did a great job, since some of our guests still keep asking where it is possible to find someone so good.

So it all came true -romantic, heartfelt, beautiful wedding with touch of a fun. We had it all and couldn’t wish for more. These four aspects were most important to us. Not only Dace heard and got it, but it felt like she can read our thoughts even without telling anything more.

Our wedding is something we will never forget. Dace, you will always be a great part of it. An amazing person we especially remember and hold dear every year on July 14th. Organizing weddings really is your calling!

We will never stop thanking you and the rest of the team for our beautiful wedding!

See you next year when we`ll be in Latvia!

Greetings and all the best wishes, Jolanta & Guntars