Inese and Armands

Hello, Dacīte!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all your big team!! The wedding was absolutely amazing. I have not even been waiting for something so beautiful and cool!

  • Thanks to the florist for the beautiful flowers and great design! I liked bouquets and car decor soooo much.
  • Thanks to the food providers for the tasty dishes, because feeding 80 guests is not a joke thing for 3 days!
  • Thanks to bartenders for celestial cocktails. Especially to the crazy bartender who hadn’t slept all of the days (maybe both, I got to speak only with one).
  • Thanks to the sound and light boy – everything was great
  • Thanks to the waiters for their work!
  • Thank you for both groups! They are still mentioned now and at least for the next year!
  • Thank you very much friday’s hosts, Anna & Egīls, and saturday’s host, Ģirts. Thanks to their great attractiveness, the event was a success.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone. And thank you, Dace, for helping them out.

I’m still excited about the wedding. It’s difficult now for me to return to reality from such a great event. Everything was so beautiful, fun, interesting and full of surprises! Like a different world which you don’t want to drive away from!

Inese and Armands