Dear Dace,

We have just arrived from our great journey but still live in the feelings of the event. Congratulations and wishes of happiness still keep coming to us as well as fantastic feedback on the wedding you organized for us!

This day will remain in our memories for all of our life. The happy faces of friends and family, your fantastic team, the amazing weather…. we felt like bursting from happiness!

We are truly happy that we had a wedding like this.

Every surprise that followed each other….. The tea for Jānis (you know – while driving, he said to me: ’It would be so good if we had some tea!’) and the sushi, and the shuttle, and the choir of friends and relatives…. I think I can’t even express everything I felt! It has to be experienced to value the talent you have! You can guess and understand all our wishes and all the nuances to make us and the guests full of happy and good memories 🙂. Everything that happened was full of love and sincerity…

After the event we were very exhausted but happy with no limits….. You know, when there is the feeling one wants to scream from happiness! 🙂

All friends and relatives were thrilled and we got a lot of compliments for the wedding organization already on the first night! The guests were really thrilled by – as it seems – everything. Because almost everyone had been to at least one wedding and THIS wedding…. everyone kept coming to us and saying something like: ‘I haven’t been to a wedding like this so long ago; something like this has never been seen before; this is so touching; this is amazing; everything is so perfect and good!’ and so on….. May all these compliments fly to you because everything is said to you and your super-team – to every one of them! To sweet Justīne, to the operator (a special thanks to him because it seems that Jānis isn’t afraid of being captured in a video anymore!) and to Ģirts (another special thanks to him because it seemed he had to deal with a few unpredicted situations… and there were many people who asked whether Ģirts is our friend – that means he had done everything perfectly 🙂! ).

Everything was perfect! Thanks to Atis as well – he did everything so carefully and invisibly that there were somebody very confused and couldn’t understand how everything can be organized so well… And the bartender… oh, I think there were some ladies (and not only 🙂 ) that were charmed by him…. I think it’s called ‘the mighty IT’ that is hard to express… and I had a feeling that everyone who was there felt this peculiar feeling….

And the dancers! We hadn’t even hoped that Ieva will come in, dressed in her gorgeous dress… It seems like everyone stopped breathing for a moment… Eyes sparkle, hearts beat…. And we knew – it really is Fete with a capital letter.

The DJ felt everything and all the nuances…. Even my Jānis wanted to dance to some of the songs 🙂 and the DJ gets A+ for that! Because that was something I had never seen before 🙂.

And you… you created this entire miracle! And we will definitely be your greatest fans, always! Because I think that it is hard to make an event even for familiar people but you did it 1000 times better. Believe me, we are not the only ones who think like that.

And the greatest thanks to you because Jānis really enjoyed the wedding and I think it’s the greatest compliment one can have 🙂.

Eh… these are the feelings we have these days and we are so happy that everyone did everything uniquely well!

Thank you! You really are a real master in all those things 🙂!

With kind regards,

Ina and JānisIna un Jānis