Since our wedding has passed for over a year, we got lazy and did not write reviews, but that does not mean that we did not like the wedding. We are a couple that keeps our emotions within ourselves, but this year, seeing as our friends (for whom we have been carriers), who went to Dace for our recommendation, after the wedding, she was radiating and enthusiastically telling everyone how amazing it was, we understood that we should share too.

At the beginning we had a thought to plan everything for ourselves. Starting to make a wedding day plan, on the page I realized that because of how busy we were, we will not be able to organize such wedding as we want. And at the wedding we wanted to enjoy the day, rather than sleepy waiting for its ending. I approached my husband to talk with the wedding organizers. I have heard from my friends various reviews about the various organizers. For some – they were good, for some – not so good. About Dace there were only the best reviews, so I contacted Dace and soon we met.

There were a lot of pleasant surprises on the wedding day, and most of all, you did not have to worry about anything. It was very good that we did not know what awaits us at that moment. Going to the dressing room and seeing how the environment was built between the apple trees, I wanted to cry. It seemed that the agency even cared so much that even the apple trees started to bloom, because they were still in the buds the previous night. I’m still talking with my husband OUR DAY’S events, and on our computer screen savers there are pictures of this wonderful day.

Due to all these beautiful events, I guess we cannot say goodbye to Dace and the team. At the anniversary we turned to the agency. And now there will be already a second wedding, in which as carriers we will seek advice from the Wedding Agency.

Thank you

May 18, 2013