Sandra, Dace, Kalvis and the rest of the team!

Huge thanks for the beautiful 4th of May feast that you created for us and our beloveds!

Exactly – created like wood fairies and diligent dwarfs, who not only read minds, but are able to elegantly, precisely and smoothly make your brilliant ideas to come alive in the real life.

Another special compliment – you can create feast in every conditions, you have the ability to light out the beautiful into the simplicity.

This is the event that has to success with the first try, because theoretically there shouldn’t be any other tries, so here are some tips to those who are yet planning:

  • If you want a beautiful wedding, you will need to thoroughly invest in them – not only money, but also time, ideas and work. Pretty detailed – and not only from the wedding planner’s side. Starting timely and doing, putting your heart in it, will pay off.
  • Be brave to take a risk and do it like no one has ever done it. The Agency will help you to top up and the guests will appreciate the final result.
  • If you collaborate with good and professional wedding planners (what in this case with this agency absolutely is like that :)), then it’s worth to trust in their tips and tricks. There were moments when we didn’t know how it is going to be – we closed our eyes, we said „yes, let’s do it like this” and the result was great!

THANKS to all your TEAM! It really was a Feast with the big letter, which still continues (also because of the agency)!

We wish for the upcoming families-to-be also to create moments to tell their kids and grandkids.

Egita and Oļegs Streļčuk