Anita and Kaspars

jaunais pāris pļavā

We, Anita and Kaspars, have been married for almost two years now. But about the wedding we began to think when the expectant husband proposed to the bride.

Anita is a person who usually wants to do all by herself and, of course, it also applies to the organization of weddings. The bride says: “The more deeply embedded in organizing things (invitations, a photographer, meals, drinks, who will do all this, rings, etc.), I realized more how much there is to do. The husband advised to consult with the wedding planner Dace, to which the engagement ring was purchased. Skeptic-minded I went for a brawl. As it turned out during the conversation, there are a lot of things that I did not think about and which could make our beautiful day even more beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised! ”

At Dace we also chose marriage rings. Before that we had gone to many stores, but something completely did not convince us of anything previously seen. And since the bride had been wearing the engagement ring for a year, we were also convinced about the quality of the rings and knew that the stones would not come out. We can now say that we are very pleased with our ring choice.

Anita and Kaspara wedding

There are times when important things need to be entrusted to professionals, and we are convinced that our actions when choosing Dace were 100% correct. We enjoyed the wedding day! No stress and worrying. Everything was in the right places at the right time! Only now we understand that you need to listen even more to Dace’s recommendations!