Wedding venue

We organize weddings all around Latvia. Latvian couples usually choose castles, manors or guest houses in countryside, but russian couples prefer castles, manors or private saloons in Riga. We will collect and provide you with information about the places that might suit you and your wishes in the best way possible.

Weddings taking place outside
Since 2006 we offer you the opportunity of having your wedding outside. We have organised weddings at the Sea, in parks of castles or manors, in the fields next to a guest house or in spacious halls in Riga or other towns.
It gives you the opportunity to create a special event, choose the place and decorations, as you have always wanted. The ceremony can be held by a priest, a person from a Register office or an actor, if you got officially married already before. The ceremony can be organized in Latvian, Russian or English.

Live music and DJ

In most of our weddings clients have chosen live music and a DJ rather than having just one of them.

  • We will help you to find the perfect band according to your taste and the wedding location and style.

Usually clients choose professional musicians that can play famous band songs.
Sometimes clients have chosen:

  • A popular musician or band from Latvia or Russia – in this case the musicians usually give a small concert and show rather than being there all evening and entertaining the guests.
  • A musician or band that play untraditional wedding music, e.g. jazz band or an electric violin show.
  • Party musicians

The DJs we work with:

  • They prepare their playlist according to each couple and the scenario of the event.
  • They are good in interacting with the public

Our team

Komandā ir spēks

Strength in team

Our big team is made of a group of smaller teams. When we plan how many of our employees will need a lunch during the event day, the range is usually between 15 to 25 people, sometimes it even reaches 50. And this is just the wedding day but we should not forget the big preparation work.

Most of our people are working together already since 2003, e.g. the Video Operator, the Invitation Artist, the Florist, the Pirotechnicians and the Masters of Ceremonies. During these years we have become good friends and it is always a pleasure to meet while creating such a beautiful event!

While creating the best job atmosphere possible I have this opportunity to choose whom I will be working with and who will be our partners. I like to go to work with a smile on my face and to receive it back from others.

With love to “Wedding Agency” team,
Dace Miezite

About our company

KA team

Wedding planning company in Latvia “Wedding Agency”

The company was founded in May 2003. It was the first wedding planning company in Latvia. We offer a full service wedding planning.

“Wedding Agency” is well known for its untraditional wedding scenarios and the personalised service it provides to each couple. We offer a full wedding planning service, including any service that the couple would like to have on their special day, (e.g. the event location, the master of ceremonies, decorations, flower compositions, invitations, musicians etc.) At the same time we are always willing to try something new and untraditional (e.g. a day before the wedding we can offer an excursion for the guests that would be connected with the newly-weds).

Since 2007 we working with Schalins Ringar, a Swedish company specialised in proposal and wedding rings. We are their official dealer in Latvia.

We strive to be an industry leader in wedding planning by embracing innovation, individuality and honesty, which is why we’re proud to be the company that brings together engaged couples and wedding professionals.

Frequently asked questions

What is the biggest event you have organised?

  • A wedding with 150 guests. A big wedding is being considered having 100 guests and lasting 3 days.
  • Most often, the weddings we have been organising were ranging from 30 to 70 guests.
  • Sometimes we have clients who plan a small and intimate event just with the closest family and friends starting from 5 to 20 people. And we have proved that a small wedding can be very personal and special too.

What are the expenses to organise a wedding?

  • Every wedding is unique. The expenses vary considering the clients wishes and the budget e.g. The client can choose a photographer that costs 200Ls or another that will cost 1500Ls, the average price in Latvia for a wedding photographer is from 350Ls to 450Ls.
  • And the same about the invitations because the client can choose the invitations that cost 1.10Ls or more expensive that cost 11.50Ls. Our job is to explain all these options to the client and help them decide what is the best for this special wedding.

If we organise the event part ourselves but we would like you to organise the ceremony, is that possible?

  • Yes, starting from 2006 we are organising wedding ceremonies at the sea, in parks or guest houses. The best would be to meet the client so we can discuss what are their wishes and what can we provide.

Can you plan a wedding if the client is not living in Latvia?

  • Yes, we have done this before. We have created a strategy that lets us work with couples that do not live in Latvia so they would feel as appreciated and special as the ones who are just 10 minutes away from our office.

Wedding design and the flower decorations

Everything starts with a wedding place, matching invitations and bride’s dreams, but we can help with photos of our previous events and/or new ideas.

We work with two teams of decorators and considering your wishes and ideas we will help you to decide which team is the perfect match for you. Each team has it’s own style – one is working in the classical wedding style and the other is more into modern style.

Like the rest of the services this is totally up to the client and their wishes. We will provide you the ideas, e.g. the decoration on the tables can be simply made of flowers or with something more complex, like candlesticks or crystal vases with flowers. The chairs can be decorated with ribbons matching the style of the event as the napkins on the tables, the menus, the name-tags etc. All this can be arranged and created considering your wishes making this event an unforgettable experience for the guests and yourself.
Nobody else will understand you better than a professional decorator, who can directly provide you with ideas, variants and opinion.

Transport service

Transport for you and wedding guests will be selected complex and decorated in according to your wishes.

Transport for just married honeymooners: retro cars, limousines, business class cars, helicopters and horse-drawn carriages.

For guests: vans, buses or an entertainment buses. There are also exceptional cases where we provide transport for guests from Riga airport to the hotel by business class cars.

Linda and Ivars

Linda un Ivars

Thank You Dace for unexpected and sweet surprises in our wedding. We, Linda and Ivars married five years ago on July 2006. Special thanks to You Dace because You introduced us to one another. So it was logical, that Dace was our witness. We didn`t have a traditional wedding. We got married on Monday, 3rd of July, because that was the date when we met each other, but we had our wedding reception on Sunday July 8. Dace made for us sweet surprises, that were unexpected, and we liked that a lot. She was professional in getting information about us and our thoughts about weddings and traditions. Our meeting and wedding was memorable event!

Thanks to Dace and Wedding Agency!