Wedding planning

Wedding planning in Latvia

Wedding Agency are classical and high level wedding planning organization existing already 14 years in local market with local and international clients. The first wedding agency in Latvia and recognized internationally as the TOP 50 World Wedding Organizer (the only one from the Baltic countries) included in the London Bridal magazine BRIDES selection. We are included in the Top 10 of the World Wedding Planners list.

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Way of basic activities is the classical and highest level wedding planning in local and international levels.
  • Guiding client and wedding organization from idea till full service organization, execution and quality control in wedding day and after it;
  • Uniqueness, using local and global trends, surveying and systematically improving the quality, service and partner conditions;
  • Exclusivity and confidentiality (if Client demands) in wedding scenario creation and also in service execution;
  • Agency ensures partner offers from all Latvia (venues, different level photographers, event master, musicians, caterers etc.);
  • Ensures customer service in Latvian, Russian, English languages and provide event masters on wedding day who speaks in English, French, Italian, Latvian, Russian, German and Portuguese.
  • We are accessible and open to all clients, evaluating the desired final result, giving impartial advices about possible solutions and comparing the different levels of budgets in relation to the client’s wishes.
 “Our life is wedding. Our success story is the team. Our experience is year`s in different kind of techniques and non-stop self and work improvement. Wedding day and the magic people want to enjoy only once in life, but remember it – forever. And that is the most important task for us.”

We are open for communication. Apply for a meeting and get a full view of Your opportunities before the final decision making.
Call: +371 27531155
the office: Bieķensalas iela 32 (next to the mall „Rīga Plaza”).
For clients who do not live in Latvia, we provide meetings in Skype.

If you want, before the meeting, there is a chance for you to see testimonials of the couple whose weddings we have planned: Testimonials „Wedding Agency”.

Wedding rings

Representatives of Schalins

From 2007 we are the official representatives of Schalins in Latvia.

  • Rings of different sizes (instead of changing the size, but ordering directly according to the size of Yours);
  • At the office, there are 27 different ring collections from different styles, colors (including white gold), materials (for example, titanium) and price categories;
  • Full service – engraving from the inside or outside, assembly of models, customization of various gemstones to model, creation of individual rings based on base models);
  • By applying for a free consultation, You will be provided with comparisons of Your most appropriate type and model rings in terms of price, quality and practicality.
Applying for a meeting:
When writing or calling:
+371 27531155
Of course, rings can also be found in the RINGS section of our website.



Rings of yellow and white gold.

Almost all of the models of wedding and engagement rings from „Schalins” are available from white, yellow and pink gold, and it is especially important to those who prefer rings of white gold. Essentially it means that if You see a ring of yellow gold in the photography, then in any case it can be ordered of white gold as well.

Briefly about choice of wedding and engagement rings.

To determine which wedding rings suit You more, equally important it is to try them on and estimate. Most of the different collections are available locally. Starting with classics and concluding with engraved and matte rings with or without diamonds. Furthermore, rings which You choose respectively we supply them in 10 working days. At the same time, it means that You can order the most desired model for You in any size. Taking into account all the circumstances, in Your possession there will be originally created a ring of Schalins. It won’t be neither reduced, nor increased, but right away created for You.

Overall about the wedding ring prices

Enumerate, in each photography there can be seen a price of the particular ring. Therefore if there is one ring in the photography, then the price is per one ring. Whereas, if there are two rings in the photography, in that case the price is per two rings together. As can be seen for the rings with diamonds most often there is one ring in the photography and as has been noted the price is per one ring. Generally, if in the photography there is a ring of white gold, then the price in both cases is per the ring of white gold. Moreover, if in the photography there is a ring of yellow gold, but You desire to order it of white gold, then certainly it is possible to order the exact same ring of white gold.

Additionally, the wedding ring price depends on the amount of gold used. Accordingly it may have the same width of the ring with a different thickness. Resulting, the ring is heavier and cost more.

The quality of rings and especially importantly – diamonds.

In all the wedding and engagement rings of Schalins there are:

  • their brand mark
  • hall mark of the Swedish state
  • hall mark of gold
  • the amount of karats if the ring has diamonds

Naturally, all the rings have two year warranty. For the rings with diamonds respectively a certificate comes with. In the certificate it is noted what kind of weight and quality diamond or diamonds are in the particular ring. In any case in the web side of „Schalins” there is noted what kind of diamond is used in the particular model of every single ring.

Engravings in the wedding ring.

Usually couples who desire engravings in their rings, they order it at once along the ring order. It is also comfortably for the client. As a matter of fact it means that we receive the ring with a unique engraving right away from the factory.

Suggestions for the choice of wedding rings.

As can be seen, in the blog there are available useful posts about the ring choice. Thereof we suggest to read: “To what to pay attention choosing the wedding rings”.

Wide selection for wedding rings

Considering that we have a wide selection of wedding rings, we suggest to rather save your time studying on the Internet and instead of that to visit us at our office. We reserve an hour for each couple for You to view and try on the rings in a calm sense.

Notwithstanding, if You desire to view the rings in the internet before, then we offer You a summary of the collections.

Firstly,and often choice for the couple are the classical wedding rings. They are available in four collections: “Classic”“Romance”“Glacier”“Ocean”.

laulību gredzeni

Secondly,for those couples who wear the two color gold daily, are available not only rings of the yellow gold, but also two color wedding rings from the collection called “Colors of Europe”.

Thirdly, wedding rings with a diamond respectively are in six collections: “Europe Exlusive”“Nothern Light”“Passion”, “Stjarnfall”“Mountain” and “Ovright”.

Rings with writings: “Harmony” and “Overture”.

Engagement rings

Engagement rings are available from several collections: “River”“Desire”“Tropic” , “Mongongavor”.

Though it can be unusual for a Latvian, in the offering there are wedding rings for a man with a diamond from the collection “Attract”.

Continue reading “Wedding rings”


The essence of consultations

The wedding consultations aren’t necessary for those couples who have their wedding planner already. A wedding consultation is intended for those, who organize a wedding by themselves. Who are a maids of honor or parents of the young couple. A specific tips are given, work tasks, tested scenario or the budget. And many other advises are given.

Reviews form clients about the consultations:

”Thanks to the Wedding Agency for our cooperation. Every time when we go to the consultation, we know that at the agency we’ll be awaited by smiling and welcoming people, of who we can say that they are people in the right place.

When my sister asked us to be her maid of honor, we got nervous – will we be able to give her such happiness on her wedding day and surprises. After two meetings with Dace we got that it isn’t that much complicated.

The most important thing for us as maids of honor is to know them, to really know what they want and then take what Dace suggests that could be the most suited for them. Even after the meeting Dace answers to the unclear questions, also she tells where would the best places be to buy or lease inventory. Thank You!”

Reviews from wedding clients.


There are times when a couple wants to plan their own wedding

– but they don’t have enough experience.  Or sometimes they don’t have the information how to plan such an event. The Wedding Agency offers consultation service to lean the couple in a way to work in. To suggest original and suited ideas for already made scenarios or the plans of the day. Also to share the experience and tips for the couple’s wedding day to be well planned and thought of. We offer this kind of consultation to the maid of honor as well, who wants to surprise the young couple with unseen ideas and a special atmosphere in the wedding day.

The wedding consultations are used by:
  • Young couples who don’t know where to start with planning their wedding;
  • Young couples who want a specialist to look into their done work before the wedding;
  • Young couples who have one or more topical questions where is a need for a specialist’s tips;
  • Maids of honor who want a specialist who could look into their already made scenario;
  • Maids of honor who need an original idea for a concrete section of the wedding;
  • Maids of honor who need an advise for any stage of the wedding planning;
  • Mothers who help to plan a wedding for their children who doesn’t live in Latvia.
The consultations are very different,

for example: a small wedding, where just in one consultation all the view and tips for the wedding can be talked out. A bride after the wedding came to visit us with a huge flower bouquet. Because, she said that everything that was talked out in the 2 hour consultation was written down. And she used it all in her wedding and the wedding was special. And in the end there wasn’t even a feeling that the wedding was that small, but like a huge wedding. Because the guests were so happy that they celebrated with a lot of fun and for a long time!

Another example: a couple who have a view of how they want the wedding day, but it isn’t clear how to celebrate it. In the consultation we talk out three different types of wedding celebrations, what could be an average budget for every type. And what pluses and minuses have each type. Now the couple could plan their wedding by themselves being confident about their choice’s justification.

You have to apply for the consultation calling by the number +371 27531155 or writing to this email: Telling in what kind of question You want the specialist’s advice. Before the consultation the specialist will want to speak with you by the phone to talk out the topical questions for You before the meeting. The consultation lasts for 2 hours. For those clients who don’t live in Latvia – consultations via Skype.

Lectures and exhibition

Couples who are planning a wedding – we invite to the Open Doors Days at the Wedding Agency on March 23 and 24

In the “Wedding Agency”, in a calm atmosphere, enjoying champagne, there will be a chance to meet wedding professionals – from wedding photographers, video operators, decorators, a invitations, board cards, guestbook artist, wedding designers, wedding dance trainers, honeymoon travel experts, wedding rings consultant and wedding coordinator to find out the wedding issue of yours.
March 23, 15: 00-20: 00 and March 24, 10: 00-15: 00, get acquainted with the “Wedding Agency” team, the place where the wedding planning takes place, as well as learn about the wedding information from industry professionals!

„30 Minute Wedding Discussions”

Get brilliant information in short, focused 30-minute discussions, in an uncompromising and friendly atmosphere where industry professionals share useful information and answers to your questions.

March 23, Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00

18: 00-18: 30 Actual about a wedding photo
18: 30-19: 00 Creating a Uniform Style – Wedding Registry (samples available on-site)
19: 00-19: 30 Recommendations for dress design for different types of bodies (from small slender girls to the closing with brides in waiting).
19: 30-20: 00 How to arrange a wedding in one or two months.
20:00 questions from visitors
March 24, Saturday 12: 00-15: 00
12: 00-12: 30 Hall of wedding  celebration transformations – various decorating styles, opportunities in Latvia.
12: 30-13: 00 Contemporary weddings with or without traditions.
13: 00-13: 30 “Ideas for a wedding bar with and without a bartender”
13: 30-14: 00 Various wedding dance styles. How to choose your first dance.
14: 00-14: 30 Honeymoon – the cheapest and the most expensive wedding travel / trips in one country in different budgets.
14:30 visitor questions
! Comfortable free parking.
For the discussion’s evening, the number of places is limited, so please apply at – we also invite you to indicate the topical topics.

And that’s not all!

On the open doors day you will have the opportunity:
  • get acquainted with wedding coordinators;
  • meet florists and decorators;
  • photographer and video operator consultation;
  • Discussing the wedding design concept with the artist, looking and getting inspired by the samples of invitations;
  • wedding advice for young couples on the wedding budget, the selection of celebration places and wedding ceremonies in Latvia;
  • Advice on marriage rings with the ability to try on more than 200 ring patterns and make sure that the model is right for you;
  • get information about the wedding dress that suits your type of body in consultation with fashion designer Ingrid from Ingrīda Bridal;
  • Meet and get advice on the first wedding dance with a Latvian and Australian champion and one of the world’s best dancers in the standard dances, Jeļena Samuilova.
This month, we will be waiting for you on the Open Doors Days: March 23, 15: 00-20: 00 and 24 March 10: 00-15: 00
For interested people who do not live in Latvia, please write to, whose wedding specialist consultation is of interest to you. We will arrange a meeting via Skype or WhatsApp with the specialist.



Pārus, kuri plāno kāzas – aicinām uz Atvērto durvju dienām
„Kāzu Aģentūrā” 23 un 24. februārī

„Kāzu Aģentūrā” mierīgā noskaņā, baudot šampanieti, būs iespēja satikt kāzu jomas speciālistus – sākot ar kāzu fotogrāfu, videooperatoru, dekoratoru, ielūgumu, galda karšu, viesu grāmatu mākslinieci, kāzu tērpu dizaineri, kāzu dejas pasniedzēju, medus mēneša ceļojumu speciālistu, laulību gredzenu konsultantu un kāzu koordinatoru, lai uzzinātu sev aktuālos jautājums par kāzām.

  1. februārī 9:00-20:00 un 24. februārī 10:00-17:00 nāciet un uzzināsiet kāzām noderīgu informāciju no nozares profesionāļiem!
Atvērto durvju dienā Tev būs iespēja:
  • iepazīt kāzu koordinatorus;
  • iespēja satikt floristi un dekoratori;
  • fotogrāfa un video operatora konsultācija;
  • kāzu dizaina koncepta izrunāšana ar mākslinieci, apskatot un iedvesmojoties no ielūgumu paraugiem;
  • 10 kāzu kleitu salonu apskats;
  • kāzu konsultācija jaunajiem pāriem par kāzu budžetu, svinību vietu izvēli un kāzu svinību iespējām Latvijā;
  • konsultācija par laulību gredzeniem ar iespēju uzlaikot vairāk kā 200 gredzenu modeļus un pārliecināties, kurš modelis piestāv tieši Jums.
  • iegūt informāciju par savam auguma tipam piemērotāko kāzu kleitu konsultējoties ar modes dizaineri Ingrīdu no Ingrida Bridal.
  • varēs satikt un saņemt konsultācija par pirmo kāzu deju ar vairākkārtējo Latvijas čempioni, Austrālijas čempioni un vienu pasaules labākajiem dejotājam standartdejās Jeļenu Samuilovu;
Piedāvājam īpašas dāvanas atvērto durvju dienā:
  • Iegādājoties baltā vai dzeltenā zelta laulību gredzenus – dāvanā saņem līgavas kleitas pakaramo ar uzvārdu un kāzu datumu;
  • Dāvana katram – žurnāls;
  • Slēdzot līgumu par kāzu organizēšanu, dāvanā – romantiska atpūta divatā.
Un tas nav viss!

23. februārī plkst. 18:00 – Diskusiju vakars jaunajiem pāriem un vedējiem.

Diskusiju vakaram vietu skaits ierobežots, tāpēc lūgums pieteikties – aicinām arī norādīt Jums aktuālās tēmas.

! Diskusiju laikā izlozes kārtībā dalībniecēm uz vietas tiks veidotas frizūras no „Riga Fashion Team”.

Interesentiem, kuri nedzīvo Latvijā, lūdzam rakstīt uz e-pastu, kuru kāzu speciālistu konsultācija Jūs interesē. Ar attiecīgo speciālistu norunāsim tikšanos Skype vai WhatsApp.

Previous lectures and exhibitions:

Kāzu lekcijas, lekciju cikls, Tavas kāzas

How to build you most wonderful day-

Lecture cycle „Your wedding” is useful for:

-wedding lectures are suited for those couples who are planning to get married;
-maids of honor;
– as well as those working in the wedding industry (guest house managers, florists, evening managers, etc).
The lectures will give you an overview of the most important topics in wedding planning: wedding budget, scenario, floristry and design, wedding design and the visual appearance of a couple.

The main purpose of the wedding lectures:

– Determine the most typical mistakes in the organization of weddings, which can initially “dump” the wedding;

-Determine the principles (tools) through which you will be able to save up to 20% of your wedding expenses;

– Give examples / models on how to base the event – How to get rid of unnecessary headaches, improvising, trying to figure out everything from the beginning!

The lectures will be led by Dace Miezīte, Director of SIA “Wedding Agency”, and there will be one or several guests in each lecture: Mārcis Baltskars, Valters Krauze, Ainārs Baštiks, Ingrīda Vaivade, Aleksandrs Pavlovs, Valters Ozoliņš un Liene Zemīte.

Go to all wedding lectures and get free consultation with Daci Miezīte after completing the lecture cycle.

* When presenting an entry ticket

** Duration of consultation: 1,5h. Topic: “Wedding Planning Analysis”

Details of writing or calling:

+371 27531155

Lecture subscriptions or tickets for individual lectures are available at Ticket Paradise.

We inform: tickets are only available for pre-sale, limited quantities.

The visitor will get from the supporter for the lecture cycle “Your Wedding” a gift – the magazine “Precos”.

Reviews from previous lectures:

“Two years ago, my fiancée proposed to me, but we had to move the wedding for a whole year to come. I have gone to various exhibitions, but it is very difficult to understand and make the right choice, because the services are many and different. But I am very glad that I decided to attend these lectures, because now I know what I need to pay attention on and so many different nuances. If in the past, I was worried and confused about this whole process, now, though it is a lot of work, but now I look at it differently. Many thanks for the encouragement. ”

“Just super !!! I have been attending lectures, although I am not marring and I am not maid of honor for anyone, but what I heard and saw here was just fantastic. Very enjoyably spent time, guests were amazing, it was obvious that they know their work, but the lecturer Dace … It’s no wonder that the Wedding Agency is the best in the field, I’ve heard the best testimonials. I’m excited! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ”

Lecture cycle “Your Wedding” description

All wedding lectures take place in Gutenberg, in Old Town, Doma Square 1.

Kāzu lekciju cikls 2018


Wedding budget design and special recommendations for wedding photos 18: 00-21: 00 *

Guest: Photographer Mārcis Baltskars.

! In the lecture you will receive handouts with listed wedding service positions and their costs in Latvia.

Wedding Budgeting Part I.
  • Wedding planning tips, a specific list of jobs and service prices in Latvia.
  • Various wedding budgets.
  • How not to be disturbed and remember everything.
  • Differences in decorating costs.
  • How to maximize the effect of your current budget.
  • Useful information on wedding merchandise and rental.

In the coffee break – opportunity to view, specify the cost of what you like:

Invitations by „Made with Love”.

Wedding budgeting Part II

Guest lecturer: Photographer Mārcis Baltskars.

  • The information you need to make a wedding budget.
  • 7 steps to check if everything is done.
  • Research, 70 cost site analysis for the 2018 wedding.
  • What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer.

Guest Mārcis Baltskars: “Recommendations for special wedding photos”.

smieklīgi kāzu foto, jautrs jaunais pāris

“Wedding Agency” in weddings, photographer Mārcis Baltskars

Kāzu lekcijas scenārija izstrāde


Wedding scenario development 11: 00-16: 30

Wedding guests:

  • Pastor Ainārs Baštiks
  • Event Manager Valters Krauze


Wedding Script Design Part I.

January 14, at noon 11:00 – 13:30

Guests at the wedding lectures: Valters Krauze and Ainārs Baštiks

  • Creating a wedding day plan – step by step, analyzing several variations.
  • Duties and responsibilities of other people involved.
  • Contacts for interesting activities and entertainments for wedding guests.
  • Contemporary, exciting activities for guests while the couple is in a photo shoot.
Lecturer: Pastor Ainārs Baštiks.


Wedding Script Development Part 2

January 14, at noon 14: 00-16: 30

  • Wedding scenario development, technical side and related aspects.
  • How to distribute time so that you can enjoy the day without a rush and stress.
  • Unconventional ideas for your wedding day.
  • The Second Day Scenario.
  • Tips for realizing the intended.

Tips by event leader Valters Krauze to pay special attention to wedding planning.

~ For those who want to dine between the “Gutenbergs Terrace” lectures, reserve the table in advance and order food, because the interval is 30 minutes.

Kāzu kleitas, kāzu uzvalks, kāzu torte


Wedding Style, The couple appearance & Cake Tasting 13: 00-17: 00 *

Wedding guests:

Part 1 Wedding Theme and Wedding Salon Comparison 13: 00-14: 00 *
• Wedding theme and design styles. From the general concept to sample text and gift invitations.
• A comparison of the designs and prices of 10 wedding dresses.
• Bridesmaids and groomsmen costumes and accessories.
Part 2 Ingrīda Vaivade from the wedding cabin “Ingrida Bridal” 14: 20-15: 20 *

If you are planning a wedding and you do not have your own wedding dress – this lecture is for you! Ingrīda will tell you all about the choices of wedding dresses. How to choose a design, a material, what possibilities to vary with colors and what are the fashion trends.-

An exclusive opportunity to sign up for a personal consultation with fashion designer Ingrīda Vaivade.

Part 3 Fashion designer Alexander Pavlov 15: 30-16: 00 *
Alexander Pavlov is a fashion designer for both wedding suits and wedding gowns. In this lecture, Alexander will turn to suit for the groom to choose a suit.
Part 4 Choice of wedding menus and wedding cakes – at the end of the wedding lecture 16: 10-17: 00

How to make the guests feel special, how to choose drinks, dishes and wedding cakes.

  • Wedding cake tasting.

Lecture guest: Liene Zemīte „Lapsas māja”

* Due to the fact that lectures will have guests and visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions, the lecture ends may change.

Kāzu lekcijas

Hannah and Aivars were both romantic and active. That’s why the choice of wedding dress was especially important. Wedding lectures will help you choose dresses and designs.

Kāzu lekcijas par dekorēšanu


Wedding design and floristry at 17:00 – 19:00 *

  • Decorations that make up the mood.
  • Tips for choosing wedding colors with visual examples.
  • Creating a common wedding design.
  • Various wedding arrangements – from barn to castle.
  • Important details for choosing a florist.

! The industry expert will share his experience on the most current trends and the best examples – how and what flowers to choose for their wedding; which flowers will last for a long time on a wedding day.

Lecturer Guest Valters Ozoliņš “Plant House”

* Taking into account that Valters Ozolins will not only tell you, but will also show pictures of life as well as decorating and giving tips, as well as giving the visitors the opportunity to ask questions, the ending of lectures can change.

kāzu lekcijas

Valters Ozoliņš is one of the most professional decorators of Latvian events. Wedding parties organized by these Agates and Elias “Wedding Agency” are Valter’s decorations.

Go to all wedding lectures and get free consultation with Dace Miezīte after completing the lecture cycle.

* When presenting an entry ticket

** Duration of consultation: 1,5h. Topic: “Wedding Planning Analysis”

Details of writing or calling:

+371 27531155

Lecture subscriptions or tickets for individual lectures are available at Ticket Paradise.

We inform: tickets are only available for pre-sale, limited quantities. So extensive lectures on the organization of weddings take place only once a year – in January.

The visitor will get from the supporter for the lecture cycle “Your Wedding” a gift – the magazine “Precos”.

Hannah and Aivars

10th wedding anniversary UMKA

Color of Europe

Two color rings