Kristine and Jean

We had a fairytale wedding! With no doubts it was one of the most beautiful days in our lives!

Nevertheless, just as in a fairytale, there was quite some work to be done before ‘the happily ever after’. Initially, we thought that we can arrange it all by ourselves – choose a location, prepare invitations, find a photographer, arrange all the paperwork, etc. However, soon enough we started losing sleep at night… There was just so much to organize!

After all, we had not set ourselves an easy task – even in the very connected and modern world that we live in nowadays – it is not so easy and straightforward to organize a Brazilian-Latvian wedding with more than 120 guests travelling to Latvia from more than 20 countries…

We were very lucky to find Dace and Wedding Agency! From the very first day when we started our co-operation with Dace and her team, we regained peace! Dace took care of all the details, arranged decorations, DJ, lights, event masters (Roberto & Vanessa were fantastic, speaking in Latvian, English, and Portuguese!), wedding cake, logistics, etc, etc, etc…

With lots of patience, active listening, and emotional intelligence Dace helped us to organize an unforgettable day! Via skype calls and a few meetings, as well as on the wedding day itself, Dace and her team managed to take care of every single detail, with lots of care and love, everything was perfect!

With no hesitation we can recommend whoever might be still in doubt – Dace and her team are really the best in class! We will always be thankful, with lots of beautiful memories from this wonderful day and the journey of preparation beforehand!

With warm wishes,

Kristine & Jean

Agate and Elias

A testimonial. Wedding planners. Agate Elias.
Big, big thanks to You Dace and your team.

Everything was just fantastic and you fulfilled our dream wedding. If we could turn back time, we wouldn`t change any single thing, not even the smallest details. And still you did hide a lot of sweet surprises, even in the next day. 🙂

You were in the top for all tasks, in the most professional level. It was obvious, that you have organized hundred weddings before.

Appreciate, that you always talked with us with smile and professionalism, because I know that sometimes we weren`t the easiest clients. 🙂

Happiness and strength for the rest season!
Agate & Elias

Egita and Oļegs

Sandra, Dace, Kalvis and the rest of the team!

Huge thanks for the beautiful 4th of May feast that you created for us and our beloveds!

Exactly – created like wood fairies and diligent dwarfs, who not only read minds, but are able to elegantly, precisely and smoothly make your brilliant ideas to come alive in the real life.

Another special compliment – you can create feast in every conditions, you have the ability to light out the beautiful into the simplicity.

This is the event that has to success with the first try, because theoretically there shouldn’t be any other tries, so here are some tips to those who are yet planning:

  • If you want a beautiful wedding, you will need to thoroughly invest in them – not only money, but also time, ideas and work. Pretty detailed – and not only from the wedding planner’s side. Starting timely and doing, putting your heart in it, will pay off.
  • Be brave to take a risk and do it like no one has ever done it. The Agency will help you to top up and the guests will appreciate the final result.
  • If you collaborate with good and professional wedding planners (what in this case with this agency absolutely is like that :)), then it’s worth to trust in their tips and tricks. There were moments when we didn’t know how it is going to be – we closed our eyes, we said „yes, let’s do it like this” and the result was great!

THANKS to all your TEAM! It really was a Feast with the big letter, which still continues (also because of the agency)!

We wish for the upcoming families-to-be also to create moments to tell their kids and grandkids.

Egita and Oļegs Streļčuk

Liene and Roberts

A review from the bridegroom mom.
With greetings and memories of the sunny summer, hotness and love full of July day. That day, our family became bigger thanks to the two loving hearts.
We want to thank You very much for the fact that You were with us this day. Thanks to the “Wedding Agency” team for helping us to create a holiday, surprises and fun moments.
No matter that the marriage ceremony and celebration were planned for only 3 hours,
since the rest of the day the young couple had chosen to spend two days together on their wedding trip,
You have shown that they can also have a beautiful holiday.
Dace Miezīte “Wedding Agency” is the agency that responded to my request of the future groom’s mother
to help to surprise the couple on a wedding day.
It worked great! The daughter in law and the son were pleasantly surprised.
Already after my first meeting with Dace and Sandra, I realized that I could rely, trust, and be unconcerned.
I recommend to others if you want to create a beautiful and unforgettable holiday for your loved ones,
then the road is one – Dace and her excellent team “Wedding Agency”.
Regardless of whether you are planning a holiday for a couple of hours or a couple of days,
Here you will receive personal and special treatment, attention and understanding,
will listen to your wishes and needs, will find and recommend the solution best suited to you,
everything will be thought out.
“Wedding Agency” employees are professionals and experienced.
But most importantly – people who do their work with love!
You are magic – the magic of love and joy.
Wonder it!

We wish a New Year full with miracles to You all!
Groom’s mother Gunita with family.

Liene un Roberts

Agnija and Matthieu

Hello, Dace!

Huge thanks to you for our amazing cooperation and our wedding planning!

We are still very excited about our big day! It was so great! We still hear the best reviews all the time from our guests too! Now we are back in reality!

Big thanks for understanding and the great work. You helped us to create our great day into a fairytale!

With greetings & wishing luck further,

Agnija & Matthieu

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Kristīne and Kaspars

Hello, Dace!

We are very happy that you succeeded planning our ceremony outside, nevertheless, the good weather and the sun smiled shortly before the beginning of ceremony and the time to manage was very short. The hanged lilies in the arbor’s and the arch’s decorations excited us. You hit like on the nail’s head with this, because we like these flowers very much. The bouquet and the decor for the car in the shape of a heart were exactly as we pictured it. The flower balls were beautiful in the inside and outside, they pleased us at home even after.

Also all the other decorations – swings, railings, flower compositions, column decorations and ceiling decorations with feathers were wonderful! All the work you have done was blooming on our wedding day!

Thank you for everything!

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Zane and Andris

Testimonials with late greetings from Gitendorfi family.

Seems like our big day happened very long ago, time flies unnoticeably. Looking at the photos they remind us our family’s beautiful fairytale, which we lived through in the beautiful day of May.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without all the people who made this day unforgettable. Also big thanks to you, Dace, for that you made our dream into reality and even more, all our ideas were implemented, the atmosphere, the beautiful design. Thanks to all your team, to Valters as well, who hit the top ten with the beautiful flowers.

Everything was very, very beautiful. How we wish we could turn back the time and relive it once again, but there will be memories of this beautiful day, which will live in our hearts for a very long time.

Thank you. A part of our fairytale also for you to see…

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Anda and Jānis

We don’t know how to even start…

Our happy day was in August; however the emotions and memories are as excitable as in that day. But about everything from the beginning…

That we wanted a wedding planner we knew from the beginning, because we travel a lot, that’s why we were aware of that we need a person who could listen to our desires and quickly would understand and realize them. We found a wedding agency from an advertisement and they promised to help. Unfortunately, (in our opinion, a relatively short time before the wedding) we realized we can’t cooperate with this agency, because of our personality’s differences. Then in the last moment from reviews we found Dace. A little bit scared and nervous we went to the meeting… therefore smiling and relieved we came back. Dace in a very short time understood our desires, taste and the situation. Because of her experience and knowledge, we got a lot of answers and tips for the incomprehensible to us. In the cooperation time, we had a feeling that Dace and her team all this summer spent their time to organize only our wedding. And what else for the newlyweds could be more important than this! All our meetings happened with a big smile, with optimism and harmony filled ambience, respectively – Dace didn’t let us to worry about anything. Even on the wedding day we had a chance to just think about us and only us.


Everything was so true and beautiful – the wedding host, the people of the agency and Dace herself. Our guests enjoyed the nice ambience as well, thanks to these people. The are no sentences we could start with a „but”… and that is something special, that is a rarity. Sincere thanks to all of you! Thank you for creating our day even more special! Thanks to you, we can’t talk about this day without smiling.

Sandra and Kārlis

‘We had decided to invite professionals in planning and organizing our wedding.

We contacted the wedding agency ‘Mīlestība’ and got acquainted with Dace Miezīte. We found the solution for everything with the help of hers.

At the beginning we discussed what and how we imagine for our wedding with Dace. And the imagination became reality! Dace was always responsive, we were able to contact her any time, and every time we needed her help, she had an advice ready, which really didn’t make us feel stressed at all.

Another very pleasant feature in Dace’s work is sharing her experience and ideas. A beautiful moment we remember was drinking champagne at the Botanical Garden after the ceremony. Glasses had been arranged as a pyramid! We enjoyed it very much! The meadow with the dressing ritual had been lightened up by candles, making a special atmosphere. And there were many other unforgettable moments!

The most significant gain was the great people we dealt with at the wedding, found with the help of Dace (emcee, musicians, photographer, etc.). They were not only just pleasant and interesting but also professionals of the highest level who knew exactly how to exit unplanned situations. For example, during the celebration, the electricity cut off for a couple of hours, it was raining all day long, etc. They were always at their place to do their job.

All in all, we saved a lot of time by cooperating with the wedding agency. Usually couples have little free time before the wedding.

The feeling of a well-celebrated wedding is still here. There were the traditions and the personal moment. During preparation, we were supported by our parents, maid of honour, and best man, and guests; nevertheless, the wedding agency had a very important role in everything. It was very pleasant to hear good feedback from friends and family. ’

Sandra and Kārlis (they celebrated their wedding on 21 August 2010)

Inese and Armands

Hello, Dacīte!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all your big team!! The wedding was absolutely amazing. I have not even been waiting for something so beautiful and cool!

  • Thanks to the florist for the beautiful flowers and great design! I liked bouquets and car decor soooo much.
  • Thanks to the food providers for the tasty dishes, because feeding 80 guests is not a joke thing for 3 days!
  • Thanks to bartenders for celestial cocktails. Especially to the crazy bartender who hadn’t slept all of the days (maybe both, I got to speak only with one).
  • Thanks to the sound and light boy – everything was great
  • Thanks to the waiters for their work!
  • Thank you for both groups! They are still mentioned now and at least for the next year!
  • Thank you very much friday’s hosts, Anna & Egīls, and saturday’s host, Ģirts. Thanks to their great attractiveness, the event was a success.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone. And thank you, Dace, for helping them out.

I’m still excited about the wedding. It’s difficult now for me to return to reality from such a great event. Everything was so beautiful, fun, interesting and full of surprises! Like a different world which you don’t want to drive away from!

Inese and Armands

Ina and Jānis 

Dear Dace,

We have just arrived from our great journey but still live in the feelings of the event. Congratulations and wishes of happiness still keep coming to us as well as fantastic feedback on the wedding you organized for us!

This day will remain in our memories for all of our life. The happy faces of friends and family, your fantastic team, the amazing weather…. we felt like bursting from happiness!

We are truly happy that we had a wedding like this.

Every surprise that followed each other….. The tea for Jānis (you know – while driving, he said to me: ’It would be so good if we had some tea!’) and the sushi, and the shuttle, and the choir of friends and relatives…. I think I can’t even express everything I felt! It has to be experienced to value the talent you have! You can guess and understand all our wishes and all the nuances to make us and the guests full of happy and good memories 🙂. Everything that happened was full of love and sincerity…

After the event we were very exhausted but happy with no limits….. You know, when there is the feeling one wants to scream from happiness! 🙂

All friends and relatives were thrilled and we got a lot of compliments for the wedding organization already on the first night! The guests were really thrilled by – as it seems – everything. Because almost everyone had been to at least one wedding and THIS wedding…. everyone kept coming to us and saying something like: ‘I haven’t been to a wedding like this so long ago; something like this has never been seen before; this is so touching; this is amazing; everything is so perfect and good!’ and so on….. May all these compliments fly to you because everything is said to you and your super-team – to every one of them! To sweet Justīne, to the operator (a special thanks to him because it seems that Jānis isn’t afraid of being captured in a video anymore!) and to Ģirts (another special thanks to him because it seemed he had to deal with a few unpredicted situations… and there were many people who asked whether Ģirts is our friend – that means he had done everything perfectly 🙂! ).

Everything was perfect! Thanks to Atis as well – he did everything so carefully and invisibly that there were somebody very confused and couldn’t understand how everything can be organized so well… And the bartender… oh, I think there were some ladies (and not only 🙂 ) that were charmed by him…. I think it’s called ‘the mighty IT’ that is hard to express… and I had a feeling that everyone who was there felt this peculiar feeling….

And the dancers! We hadn’t even hoped that Ieva will come in, dressed in her gorgeous dress… It seems like everyone stopped breathing for a moment… Eyes sparkle, hearts beat…. And we knew – it really is Fete with a capital letter.

The DJ felt everything and all the nuances…. Even my Jānis wanted to dance to some of the songs 🙂 and the DJ gets A+ for that! Because that was something I had never seen before 🙂.

And you… you created this entire miracle! And we will definitely be your greatest fans, always! Because I think that it is hard to make an event even for familiar people but you did it 1000 times better. Believe me, we are not the only ones who think like that.

And the greatest thanks to you because Jānis really enjoyed the wedding and I think it’s the greatest compliment one can have 🙂.

Eh… these are the feelings we have these days and we are so happy that everyone did everything uniquely well!

Thank you! You really are a real master in all those things 🙂!

With kind regards,

Ina and JānisIna un Jānis


The „Wedding Agency” receives an international award

“Wedding Agency” from Latvia receives the prize as “BOUTIQUE WEDDING SPECIALIST OF THE YEAR” in the competition “LTG European Awards 2018”.

The Luxury Travel Guide commends the victory: “We are pleased to reward the Wedding Agency for their continued efforts to provide their clients the most beautiful day of their life. Receiving the Luxury Travel Guide Award is an achievement that definitely needs to be proud. Receiving the prize proves why the “Wedding Agency” have discovered and advised their clients.
The Luxury Travel Guide Award is the top of the hospitality achievement that rewards the best in the relevant industries. This year, there were still a number of selected companies that ensure strong competition in each category. The awards reflect the importance of current trends – including sustainability, technology and exchange of experience in the hospitality industry – and focus on innovation, service excellence, technology use, sustainable development and location.
Over the past twelve months, The Luxury Travel Guide has invite more than 500,000 subscribers, with more than two million industry professionals, partners and sponsors to nominate the potential recipients of this prize. The winners of the “Luxury Travel Guide” award are all subject to the same rigorous rating criteria by the professionals.
Director of “Wedding Agency” Dace Miezīte: This award for “Wedding Agency” has been received with Latvian wedding service providers. One of the key criteria for evaluation is the quality of service quality and it is made up of wedding professionals we work with. For example, the photographer Mārcis Baltskars has been featured in the World TOP 100 Wedding Photographer list, and for several years he has received prizes in individual wedding categories in world competitions. The “Wedding Agency” success story is teamwork, experience and continuous self improvement of its work.
The main activity of “Wedding Agency” is the organization of classical and top-level weddings at the local and international level, which include the client’s accompaniment and the organization of weddings from idea to full service organization, performance and quality control on the wedding day.
There were also television personalities such as Shane Green (ResortRescue) and Resident Beach Expert, Claire Newell (Travel Expert), luxury hospitality photographer Antonio Cuellar, and the Luxury Travel Guide team.