When my husband and I started looking for an organiser for our special day, we didn’t think we’d get so lucky 😊 

At the very top of Google we found mīlestī, which specialises in international weddings (I should add that I didn’t specify this in the search engine) and it immediately appealed to us, I wrote an email and quick enough we had a reply from Dace. 😊

We arranged a virtual meeting and that’s how our friendship in organising weddings began 😍

We felt an instant connection and saw that Dace was able to read our wishes and illusions from half a word! 

The result was not at all what we imagined even though we went through the script several times, it was MUCH, MUCH BETTER! Our day was so special that even today (a week after the wedding) our guests are sad to be in their own homes as it confirms that the fairytale is over 🙈

Every detail was thought of, even if something didn’t go as planned it wasn’t felt, because it was fixed at lightning speed! 

Our guests (Italians, Latvians and Dutch) feel fantastic, relaxed and entertained! ❤️ We even have a request to hold such weddings every year 😁

Dace and her team are professionals, no doubt, but I would even say artists and magicians, because no one else could have made this day so magical! ❤️ 

For everyone who wants to make their special day unforgettable for themselves and their guests, we recommend by all means – mīlestī , dear Dace and your team! You are the Best! Thank you for the unique memories and emotions! 🥰

Aleksandra and Ivan

Quando io e mio marito abbiamo iniziato a cercare un’agenzia per il nostro giorno speciale, non pensavamo che saremo così fortunati. 😊

Già ai vertici di Google, ci è stata proposta, qual’è tra l’altro proprio specializzata nell’organizzazione di matrimoni internazionali (aggiungo che non l’ho specificato nel motore di ricerca) e questo ci ha convinti, ho scritto l’e-mail e a breve abbiamo ricevuto la risposta di Dace. 😊

Abbiamo fissato un incontro virtuale ed è così che è iniziata la nostra amicizia nell’organizzazione del matrimonio. 😍

Abbiamo sentito immediatamente la connessione e abbiamo visto che Dace è in grado di leggere i nostri desideri e le nostre illusioni da mezza parola!

Il risultato non è stato affatto quello che immaginavamo, anche se abbiamo esaminato lo scenario più volte, è stato MOLTO, MOLTO MEGLIO! La nostra giornata è stata così speciale che anche oggi (una settimana dopo il matrimonio) i nostri ospiti sono rattristati di essere a casa a conferma che la fiaba è finita. 🙈

Ogni sfumatura e dettaglio è stato pensato, anche se qualcosa non è andato come previsto, non si è sentito perché è stato riparato alla velocità della luce!

I nostri ospiti (italiani, lettoni e olandesi) si sono sentiti in modo fantastico, liberi e divertiti! ❤️ Abbiamo persino una richiesta per organizzare un matrimonio del genere ogni anno. 😁

Dace e il suo team sono professionisti, su questo non c’è dubbio, ma direi anche artisti e maghi, perché nessun altro sembra essere in grado di creare un giorno così magico! ❤️

Per tutti coloro che desiderano che il loro giorno speciale sia irripetibile, indimenticabile per sé e per i propri ospiti, li consigliamo e votiamo con tutte le quattro mani, cara Dace e il tuo team! Sei il migliore! Grazie per i ricordi e le emozioni uniche!

Ivan e Alexandra

Natālija and Mārtiņš

atsaukme, testimionial, castle wedding, winter wedding, wedding agency

We are extremely grateful to Dace and the whole team of Wedding Agency for organizing our unforgettable wedding. Everything was accomplished in a very professional and timely manner with no hassle.

They were literally reading our minds. Then managed to bring everything to life within our set budget, aiming for top quality in every position. Wedding Agency took care of even the tiniest details which proves their valuable experience in the field.  Wedding Agency understanding and what is more – immense love towards their work.

There were also international guests at our wedding. So not only we had our ceremony and reception held bilingually, but also or MC of the night was outstandingly well received, funny and entertaining to all.

Also, decorations and setting the atmosphere in all venues was done in a very short time.  I say it all looked absolutely fabulous, aligned with the agreed wedding theme. Finally, we received a beautiful and very special surprise- so please make sure you fill out all the homework coming from Dace, it’s all so worth it at the end! 🙂 We sincerely recommend working with Wedding Agency to experience the wedding of your dreams!

Natālija & Mārtiņš

Jolanta & Guntars


Review from J&G

Hello, Dace! Review from Great Britain!

Every time we go through our wedding photos or just linger in the memories of our wedding day – love still makes us fly.

Let’s rewind the whole story

to the point when we were just to begin planning our big day. We thought we will be able to do things on our own, but since we do not live in Latvia we got to realize our hands will be “too short” to have everything done by ourselves. When it came time to decide on colours, decorations and all the set-up – we started panicking. Gundars can still remember me being sad thinking – how come we will have this ordinary and dull wedding without all the beautiful decorations, like just another drinking party? Tables will break under the weight of the liquor bottles and all the wedding glory will just fade away. I was sure that is not the wedding I would want to have.

It is important for Guntars for me to be happy and delighted, as it makes him happy too. So we dreamed of beautiful and unforgettable special day of ours. Thus one day Guntars secretly contacted you – Wedding Agency. And that’s where the journey to our perfect wedding day begun!

Dace and her team did an outstanding job on the Wedding day!

As bride I especially loved my pastel wedding bouquet and all the floral decorations in chapel and guest house prepared by the florist.

Ceremony as the most important part of the wedding day – everything was just great, beautiful and very emotional…

After the ceremony we enjoyed 7 bridges journey where we got engaged in entertainment and fun prepared by our super-moms. After that we were taken to a secret spot – a romantic table setup with an amazing view to the lake. Dace couldn`t stop surprising us.

When we saw this table – it felt like our every dream of romance and the wedding we wanted just fell in place. I am short in words to describe how beautiful it was – decorated like a masterpiece where every tiny detail has been thought of. That special alone time for just two of us right after the ceremony and before the celebration was so much needed and well appreciated.

However that was not it, surprises kept coming. Two beautiful noble horses were heading our way. I could not believe my eyes. I had never been riding a horse before and now I had this chance right on my wedding day, wearing my brides gown. Just perfect!

I remember mentioning horses in the forms we filled out before the wedding, still realizing 24 hours won’t be enough to get everything I could dream of. So now you know – for Dace and her team – everything is possible!

The romantic table, horses and picturesque outdoors, felt like living a fairy-tale- some childhood dream of princesses. At that moment my wedding day already seemed so fulfilled since everything was so good, beautiful, romantic and emotional – I couldn’t hold my tears of joy and happiness. For us the wedding was already a success.

Afterwards we were heading to Leču manor for the celebration, where Dace kept surprising us.

Review – Everything looked so romantic

– tables, chairs and all the rooms decorated in the colours we had picked. It all looked so stunning that we wished this will never have to come to an end.

Starting from the official wedding ceremony, all night long we were entertained by attractive master of ceremony Ģirts. He did a great job, since some of our guests still keep asking where it is possible to find someone so good.

So it all came true -romantic, heartfelt, beautiful wedding with touch of a fun. We had it all and couldn’t wish for more. These four aspects were most important to us. Not only Dace heard and got it, but it felt like she can read our thoughts even without telling anything more.

Our wedding is something we will never forget. Dace, you will always be a great part of it. An amazing person we especially remember and hold dear every year on July 14th. Organizing weddings really is your calling!

We will never stop thanking you and the rest of the team for our beautiful wedding!

See you next year when we`ll be in Latvia!

Greetings and all the best wishes, Jolanta & Guntars

Tatjana and Gaurav

International wedding
During the cooperation, Sandra and Dace always were patient with us, listened to us, and did our utmost to fulfill our desires. Sometimes we felt we were demanding, but Sandra and Dace understood it and made us believe that everything was possible. Sandra was always very positive, exhilarating, trying to fulfill all our desires. Dace helped tackle the serious issues. All the information provided was as clear and understandable as possible. Thanks to the Wedding Agency planning and organizing the wedding, for us it was a fun and interesting process with no stress. Sandra and Dace helped us make the right decisions to fulfill our dream wedding (especially in the ceremony and celebration place choice). International wedding.
On the wedding day we were amazed at the details of attention
everything was prepared and fulfilled according to our desires and beyond our expectations. We felt that a lot of love was put into the work. The “Wedding Agency” team was very friendly and cared for us as our family. We knew that we could fully trust the team and enjoy the day knowing that everything’s under control.
Pastor Kaspars Šterns, the wedding host Egils Melbārds, photographer Mārtiņš Plūme and video operator Aleks Lisenko we enjoyed the most of the wedding day service providers.
Pastor Kaspars made our ceremony very spiritual, meaningful and inspiring. He knew how to tell our love story with meaning and emotion. Thanks to Kaspars, the ceremony was an unforgettable and best part of the wedding day for us. We will always remember the words Kaspars told us during the ceremony.
Mārtiņš and Aleks were there all day, getting us excited and entertained us, avoiding from stress and making us smile all the time. They were very active in trying to capture the best moments, and patient with us in the course of time. Plūme was very understandable and all the photos were amazing, with emotions and beautiful compositions. All the important moments were captured. Lisenko’s video material was tailored to our special needs and professionally edited. Aleks also provided us with his own photos. Special thanks for the job.
The wedding host Egils Melbārdis was able to enchant all the wedding guests.
He was very enjoyable, caring and helpful. Egils spent all his time with the guests, entertaining them and engaging in various activities. As a translator, he also helped the guests communicate with each other, and also successfully translated the speeches that mattered to us. Thanks to Egils, the wedding guests felt relaxed, happy and enjoyed the day full.
We had a perfect ceremony and a celebration place,
both were decorated and decorated grandly, exceeding our expectations. Everything was so beautiful and miraculous as a fairy tale! We also enjoyed the limousine comfort and luxury. We really enjoyed the romantic music during the trip. Also unforgettable, one of the best memories was horseback riding along the sea, which filled the bride’s dream.
The wedding night in the Mežotne Palace was full of interesting traditions and entertainments. The family members spoke in the evening, and sang and played on the piano for us, which made the evening very heartfelt and special. Towards the end of the evening, we also enjoyed fun dancing with the guests. The wedding day was so fabulous, it was a pity that the time passed quickly.
We would recommend “The Wedding Agency” for the couples
who want a wedding tailored to special wishes. “The Wedding Agency” is a great family organizers for weddings, an open minded for new ideas, is very creative and hard working. “The Wedding Agency” is investing a lot of time and effort, at the same time with love and care to fulfill dreams and make the wedding day a memorable and meaningful day.
We will be forever grateful for the special wedding dream that “The Wedding Agency” was able to give us. Special thanks to Sandra and Dace, the great team.
international wedding, starptautiskas kāzas, skaisti kāzu foto, jaunais pāris, laulību ceremonija, tēvs un līgavainis kāzās, Kāzu Aģentūra

Tatjana and Gaurv photographies: “Tatjana un Gaurav”

Agrita and Jānis

ziedlapiņas kāzās
UNBELIEVABLE! It’s been a month since one of our the most unforgettable days, even it feels like it was just yesterday! 🙂

13.08.2016. – the day we said ‘I do’ to each other. It was a day that we will always remember with a smile on our faces! 🙂

With the Wedding Agency „Mīlestība” director Dace we met at her wedding exhibition, where we immediately got that our wedding planning work we want to entrust to her team. We found a common language with the agency already at the first meeting. They captured our ideas and wishes very well, and after a while we started the big planning process.

The agency’s presentations and suggestions made it very easy for us to make the right choice in a number of important nuances, such as choosing a wedding ceremony, choosing a party place, wedding host, decorations, flowers, music, photo and video, food and bar, etc. the same important nuances, without which our wedding celebrations would not have been so great! It’s great to know that we worked with such a charismatic and professional team! Thank you for the original ideas, for taking into account our changes, about everything thought up to the last detail. There was no feeling for a moment that something could fail. We really liked your individual approach and interest in having our wedding go exactly as we want. 🙂

With the help of the wedding agency we worked with professional wedding service providers who we would like to thank and recommend to others:

  • THANKS – to Ingrida Bridal Wedding Salon’s team that you created me a dream dress, for a tasteful design, a human attitude and a favor, so that everything would be the way the bride wants and in order to have the feeling that you cannot wait for your wedding day and to get the dress up faster on the back 🙂
  • THANKS – to BG suits for an individual approach, which resulted in a great, special suit for me!
  • THANKS – to Mārtiņš Plūme for making an immortality of love emotions. Photographer with which to work unspeakably easily! We found our “true” photographer in the presence of whom we could’ve feel comfortable, a photographer who we fully trusted.
  • THANKS – to Balticwedding video operators for a modern and animate approach 🙂
  • THANKS – to Natalija Zolberga – a unique stylist, a very tasty approach, thank you for the beauty you created! 🙂
  • THANKS – to our cool wedding day planners Valters Krauze and Ģirts Baltalksnis about the charming and jumble atmosphere created

THANKS to every everyone who made this day unforgettable.

Greetings from Bērtiņi – Agrita and Jānis 🙂 KISSES to the cool team.

The couple’s photographs see here.

Signija and Jānis

“Hi, Dace! You can write everything in the feedback, we will confirm”, Signija and Janis Vinteri.

Daces commentary: We had a very beautiful wedding planning phase when Jānis’s jokes, Signija’s laughter and cute glances came from the office. As a result, the same was a wedding day.

Successful cooperation was continued and this year “Wedding Agency” also organized the 1st anniversary of the wedding.

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Vicky and Sandis

I am from Ireland and my husband is from Latvia, we decided to have our wedding in Latvia and thankfully we hired Dace and her amazing team to help us plan our special day.

We were not disappointed, we had our dream wedding.  Dace helped us with every aspect of the wedding from the paperwork to the decorations, we could not have done it without her and her team.

I would recommended her services 100% .  I would also recommend to follow her advice as she really knows how to plan a perfect wedding.  We both really enjoyed the little surprises she organized on the day.

We don’t live in Latvia and Dace helped us with all details like hotels and transport for our guest’s.  All her staff were extremely professional and they ensured that the day went smoothly.  We would especially like to thank our photographer Justine who made us both feel comfortable and relaxed.
Vicky and Sandis
We had a three day wedding and Dace helped us organize every detail.  All our guest’s were extremely happy with the experience. As for us we couldn’t thank the Wedding Agency enough it really was a dream come true.

Vicky and Sandis Stenders

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Vita and Dāvis

Since we are living abroad, but we wanted to get married in Latvia, we quickly came to the conclusion that we should find an agency, because to plan a wedding from Ireland seemed too complicated and we didn’t want to push it on the relative’s shoulders as well. And now, looking around, our wedding wouldn’t be as grand and full with surprises if we planned it by ourselves.

I searched in the internet to choose an agency. To put it more precisely I specially put more attention to the negative experiences. After all, “The Wedding Agency” met all the important criteria:

  1. The existence and experience of the company
  2. Professional website
  3. I couldn’t find bad reviews
  4. The wedding photography of the website complied with our notions
  5. There was no doubt after the meeting


During the cooperation, we enjoyed the flexibility (especially because there were so many people involved from our side), openness, attention on the small things and flexibility to budget – advice on what is more profitable and where it should not be saved.

On the wedding day we most enjoyed the surprises, especially the wedding trail. The visit of the university surprised us and very, very much we liked the table with the pancakes and tea. We felt like we were taken care of and welcome. It was pleasant that everything was reasonable – for example, not too many games.

All service providers – in particular the photographer, videographer and evening host – were like „one of us”. There was no feeling of stiffness or compulsion. Everyone was open and cozy. The wedding agency staff always awaited with a smile.

After the wedding, we have the desire and the feeling that we would like to entrust all the great celebrations of our life to the Wedding Agency.

The main things we got during the cooperation:

  1. Very beautiful feast (memories)
  2. Confidence that everything will succeed – a sense of security
  3. We detected how much stress was being saved (Dāvis sentence – saving nerve cells)
  4. We met sincere people who do their work with joy and enthusiasm.


I recommend your service to anyone who wants to spend their feast with no worries, surprises and charming people (who will understand and strive to implement customer’s ideas and the feast of dreams). It would also be advisable for those who are considering the budget as an important thing, because the agency, however, knows the market and service providers that are suited to the finances in question.

Have a sunny and successful summer!

Vita and Dāvis


Sintija and Raivis

Hello our sweet Wedding Agency team!

I don’t even know how to start… We live in a fairytale, though the wedding was 5 days ago! The lovely voice of the church constantly rings in head, in front of eyes the colors are flashing, smiles and glittering eyes from tears of joy!

We can’t put in words how thankful we are to you for this fabulous day you created for us! Even in our most secure dreams we could not have imagined that our wedding day will be so great Already in the time of all the 8 months of planning we were certain that our wedding will be great! Not once you made us worry and doubt. And I of course knew that you will do everything possible and impossible to make our day wonderful. It is precisely the consciousness that my dear ones, my former colleagues, are the only ones who will be able to create the best wedding of ours, made me peace! I said to my husband several times: “I am convinced 99.9% that you will be delighted with our wedding!” Knowing the people working for the agency is no doubt; each wedding is special and is planned with great love for the young couple! But at that time, I did not even think about the result …

The result surpassed all our expectations! There are no words for expressing our senses and emotions! Our day was fabulous, great, amazing and surprising!!! Therefore, we are still ready to say a huge thanks to the entire team of the agency! Thanks to Dace for leadership and words that have always calmed down! Thanks to Sandra for hearing all our ideas! Thanks to the assistants, Marta and all the helpers! Thanks Girtiņš, musicians, dancers! Thanks to everyone who made this day so memorable! We felt very special and loved!

Kisses and hugs! LOVE YOU!
Sintija & Raivis

In the testimonial read Sintija and Raivis wedding video:

Zane and Daniel

My wife Zane and I met whilst she was staying in London in 2011. Our relationship soon blossomed and Zane decided she wanted to stay here with me. After a few happy years together, we got engaged 🙂

I am British and we lived in the UK, but we really wanted to get married in Latvia – it is Zane’s birthplace, her heritage, and very much a part of who she is – I couldn’t think of a more perfect place in which to join our families as we became Man and Wife.
But how do you plan a Wedding that is going to take place in a different country? As we started thinking about it we quickly realised that a Wedding is probably THE most complicated single life event that anyone will ever have to plan – and we wanted ours to happen in a different country, making it all the more incredibly difficult!

On top of that we had so many other wishes for our Big Day – from wanting to be able to combine Latvian and English traditions through to ensuring all of our Latvian and English guests were equally entertained and able to understand what was going on throughout each part of the day.
It became very daunting and we ended up getting quite stressed and sad about it all because what we wanted seemed too much and impossible to achieve – until we came up with the idea of finding a ‘Wedding Planner’ in Latvia to help us.

We had a few cold, disappointing and unfriendly responses from the first few agencies we contacted and had almost given up when we found Dace and her Wedding Agency – we were so so lucky!
From our very first contact by email we got a very friendly, positive and encouraging feeling from Dace and her wonderful team. It did not feel like we were talking to a business at all, instead it was like talking to a happy and excited friend! We were quickly invited to have a Skype video meeting, where we could meet with Dace face-to-face (in English and Latvian) via the internet and talk about all the many things we were hoping for. It was a wonderful uplifting call. When it ended, we turned and looked at each other with huge grins on our faces – we were now both delighted, over-the-moon, and filled with excitement as we just knew that this was the right choice.

After that, we had many other Skype meetings, email conversations and meetings in person several times whilst on trips to Latvia seeing Zane’s family. At every step of the way, Dace and her amazing team – including Sandra, Marta, many others, were there to answer our questions, to take away the stress of the planning and to find out what we really wanted. They happily fussed over us and spent so much time making sure that everything was right for us. With every choice they offered us numerous options and recommendations on who or what they felt best suited us – but there was no pressure at all, we could choose whomever or whatever we wanted. As Dace and the team got to know us they really understood what options fitted us best – for example, as we are a very romantic couple, they recommended a great photographer, Edgars, for being particularly good at capturing sweet and romantic moments (and he really did on our day!)

We were able to meet almost everyone involved, from florists to videographers and the Master of Ceremonies all at Dace’s office and could find out everything and make all of our choices in one place and through Dace and her team, making it very easy for us!
Dace took us to our favourite location for the Wedding so we could look around it and make sure it was right for us, and she took us to the hotel we had selected for our reception to meet the manageress and see what we thought – at all times Dace and members of her team were with us, advising and supporting us. Once you realise everything that is involved in making this day truly special you will appreciate every bit of advice you can get, believe me!
The team made us feel that our Wedding was really special to them and that everyone involved cared about how each little detail would work – they wanted us to love it…

On the 28th of May 2016, we and our 50 guests, experienced the most perfect, dreamy, fairy tale Wedding we could have ever imagined – in fact, it was so much better than anything we could have imagined. Every last detail, from the locations, sequence of events, food, flowers and decorations, to the entertainment, and everything else in between was absolutely perfect. One of the big things Dace and her team focussed on was making sure that everyone would be having an amazing time and that there would not be any boredom from start to finish! They more than succeeded – our guests, whether in their ‘teens or their 80’s, enjoyed themselves all the way through to the early hours!

My personal advice to you though – apart from our honest and heartfelt recommendation of course, is to follow Dace and her team’s advice – trust them, let them do their magic for you and try not to dictate every little detail – I promise, you will not regret it! They truly love their work and will craft you the most perfect day you could dream of.

Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful we are to you all at The Wedding Agency – thank you thank you thank you – your incredible hard work and effort, your attention to detail and your absolute passion for creating the most amazing Wedding we could ever ever had hoped for will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Your work is part of us and our story now, forever engrained in our hearts.

Thank you,
All our love,
Zane & Daniel

Madara and Jānis

True Message from Madara and Jānis:

Madara and John belong to those lucky people who met each other in the internet. A month long chat on the internet led to the first date on January 25, 2008. And after four years of friendship, Janis on Valentine’s Day 2012 delighted Madara with an engagement ring. Just simple and sweet, and with a set of red rose bouquet. The wedding date was set on August 10, 2013. The ceremony and celebration place came with. Mežotne castle park is beautiful and it is meant for a wedding ceremony in the field, and the Mežotne Palace Green Hall is created for the solemn and exciting celebration of the wedding day. An important aspect of the celebration was the opportunity to accommodate 50 guests and the wedding meal was delicious and more modern than ground cabbage and chop.

If a man indicates that he does not want to participate at the wedding planning, that does not mean that he does not have an opinion on the particular issue. The color of the wedding mustache – violet, was chosen by Jānis from Madara’s offered by several variants. The specific theme for the wedding was not determined; it was only a desire to be romantic and family-like.

Madara and Jānis, slightly less than a year before their wedding, met Dace Miezīte, the director of the Wedding Agency, who helped the couple in arranging the wedding. The dwarfs of the wedding agency were those who made the wedding day romantic and memorable. Thanks to the agency, everything before the wedding was without worries and stress. All the service providers chosen by the Wedding Agency were at a high level. Particular mention should be made of the amazing floral decorations created by florist Valters Ozoliņš. Both the young couple and guests were charmed by the flowers of Valters Ozoliņš flower arrangements. The most important thing in arranging weddings was to keep memorable memories of the wedding day. Thus, the choice of a photographer was important. Looking at the photos of Džeina Saulīte and Justīne Jukumsone-Jukumniece, the memories of the wedding day are so beautiful and realistic.

Madara and Jānis’s wedding were special because the young couple’s pets – two little dogs – attended the wedding as well. The wedding agency made sure that Tipītis and Leo, would feel special in their wedding day. Remembering the wedding, love and happiness takes over, because that’s all that ruled the day. Despite the fact that after the marriage ceremony of Madara and Jānis it started to rain, it did not disturb and did not stop. Everything has its own romance and at everything you need to look with optimism.

Madara and Jānis

Agneta and Jānis

Thanks to Agneta and Jānis for the honeymoon post card from Spain!

Agneta and Jānis
Looking at the card and  at the wrote text seems that a sun is shining outside, not raining! A sun for all of our hearts and then it is all around us too!

A letter from Agneta un Jānis maids of honor to the “Wedding Agency”

Hello, Dace!

I wanted to say a huge thanks for Your investment in my brother’s and Agneta’s wedding! The wedding was wonderfully beautiful and unforgettable! They are very pleased, they liked everything and now they are fully enjoying their wedding trip 🙂

Thanks to our families, because this day was beautiful and unforgettable for us all!

We wish You and Your team more a lot of this kind of nice and wonderful events to organize further! Your clients will definitely be very pleased.

Wishing a nice day,

Renāte & Gatis

Iluta and Ole

Atsauksme kāzu organizatoriem, kāzu fotosesija, Kaspars Filips Dobrovolskis
A testimonial for the wedding planners. Iluta and Ole

A testimonial for the wedding planners. Iluta and Ole
Hello Dace, Sandra and the rest of you, who helped to made our wedding day unforgettable!
On the wedding day we felt like in a fairy tale. It’s a great feeling when you do not have to think and worry, but you can just enjoy our day.
About a year before our wedding, our first meeting took place, where we shared our wishes for our great day. The year went to the wings of the wind when that day had come. This year, our expectations about the expected wedding changed a bit, but Your team always found a solution to all of our wishes.
Thank You for the great surprises we really enjoyed. And even writing this review and remembering this wonderful day puts a smile on the lips.
I was very pleased to work with Sandra, who always listened to my changing thoughts about floristry, drew the decorations on paper and the decors were exactly as I wanted them 🙂
Thank you Dace for fulfilling our dream of an unforgettable wedding!

Iluta and Ole Christian


Iluta and Ole photographies see in our website:  Photographies Iluta and Ole. Thanks to Iluta and Ole for the testimonial about wedding organizers, because it helps other couples make their choices.

Iluta and Ole wedding video see below. Video makers are our perennial cooperation partners“Balticwedding”.

Julija and Simon

Dace was incredibly professional, helpful and patient from our first introduction via Skype, through all the planning to the wedding day and beyond. Both Dace and her team work incredibly hard to ensure that all of our requests we’re meet as well as advising when we were unsure or needed a second opinion.

We highly recommend Dace and her team to any prospective couple, her English is excellent and she has a great understanding of different nationalities and there traditions/cultures and requirements.

It goes without saying that selecting Dace and her team made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable and more importantly stress free!