Komandā ir spēks

Strength in team

Our big team is made of a group of smaller teams. When we plan how many of our employees will need a lunch during the event day, the range is usually between 15 to 25 people, sometimes it even reaches 50. And this is just the wedding day but we should not forget the big preparation work.

Most of our people are working together already since 2003, e.g. the Video Operator, the Invitation Artist, the Florist, the Pirotechnicians and the Masters of Ceremonies. During these years we have become good friends and it is always a pleasure to meet while creating such a beautiful event!

While creating the best job atmosphere possible I have this opportunity to choose whom I will be working with and who will be our partners. I like to go to work with a smile on my face and to receive it back from others.

With love to “Wedding Agency” team,
Dace Miezite