Frequently asked questions

kāzu floristika

What is the biggest event you have organised?

  • A wedding with 150 guests. A big wedding is being considered having 100 guests and lasting 3 days.
  • Most often, the weddings we have been organising were ranging from 30 to 70 guests.
  • Sometimes we have clients who plan a small and intimate event just with the closest family and friends starting from 5 to 20 people. And we have proved that a small wedding can be very personal and special too.

What are the expenses to organise a wedding?

  • Every wedding is unique. The expenses vary considering the clients wishes and the budget e.g. The client can choose a photographer that costs 200Ls or another that will cost 1500Ls, the average price in Latvia for a wedding photographer is from 350Ls to 450Ls.
  • And the same about the invitations because the client can choose the invitations that cost 1.10Ls or more expensive that cost 11.50Ls. Our job is to explain all these options to the client and help them decide what is the best for this special wedding.

If we organise the event part ourselves but we would like you to organise the ceremony, is that possible?

  • Yes, starting from 2006 we are organising wedding ceremonies at the sea, in parks or guest houses. The best would be to meet the client so we can discuss what are their wishes and what can we provide.

Can you plan a wedding if the client is not living in Latvia?

  • Yes, we have done this before. We have created a strategy that lets us work with couples that do not live in Latvia so they would feel as appreciated and special as the ones who are just 10 minutes away from our office.