Синтия и Райвис

Hello our sweet Wedding Agency team!

I don’t even know how to start… We live in a fairytale, though the wedding was 5 days ago! The lovely voice of the church constantly rings in head, in front of eyes the colors are flashing, smiles and glittering eyes from tears of joy!

We can’t put in words how thankful we are to you for this fabulous day you created for us! Even in our most secure dreams we could not have imagined that our wedding day will be so great Already in the time of all the 8 months of planning we were certain that our wedding will be great! Not once you made us worry and doubt. And I of course knew that you will do everything possible and impossible to make our day wonderful. It is precisely the consciousness that my dear ones, my former colleagues, are the only ones who will be able to create the best wedding of ours, made me peace! I said to my husband several times: «I am convinced 99.9% that you will be delighted with our wedding!» Knowing the people working for the agency is no doubt; each wedding is special and is planned with great love for the young couple! But at that time, I did not even think about the result …

The result surpassed all our expectations! There are no words for expressing our senses and emotions! Our day was fabulous, great, amazing and surprising!!! Therefore, we are still ready to say a huge thanks to the entire team of the agency! Thanks to Dace for leadership and words that have always calmed down! Thanks to Sandra for hearing all our ideas! Thanks to the assistants, Marta and all the helpers! Thanks Girtiņš, musicians, dancers! Thanks to everyone who made this day so memorable! We felt very special and loved!


Kisses and hugs! LOVE YOU!
Sintija & Raivis