Anna and Nauris
romantiskais galdiņš, tirkīza sveces
Zane and Daniel

My wife Zane and I met whilst she was staying in London in 2011. Our relationship soon blossomed and Zane decided she wanted to stay here with me. After a…

Kristine and Jean

We had a fairytale wedding! With no doubts it was one of the most beautiful days in our lives! Nevertheless, just as in a fairytale, there was quite some work…

Agate and Elias

Big, big thanks to You Dace and your team. Everything was just fantastic and you fulfilled our dream wedding. If we could turn back time, we wouldn`t change any single…

Mežotnes pils ceremonija, vip kāzas

With tracery

Laulību gredzeni

Thousand with tracery

Color of Europe

Two color rings

Divkrāsu gredzeni, Laulību gredzeni, Gredzeni no baltā zelta
Europe Exclusive

With diamonds

Saderināšanās gredzens, gredzens ar briliantiem

Engagement rings

Saderināšanās gredzeni

Engagement rings with diamonds

Saderināšanās gredzens обручальное кольцо
Līga and Gatis
kāzu ceremonija Kokneses pilsdrupās, Andris Sproģis
Līga and Ronan
ceremonija pie jūras, kāzas angliski
Evija and Pšemek

Dace, you surprised us! I had never ever thought that wedding can bring such fantastic feelings both for me and my fiancé! The service you provided was exactly matched to…

Siguldas kāzas
Wedding venue

We organize weddings all around Latvia. Latvian couples usually choose castles, manors or guest houses in countryside, but russian couples prefer castles, manors or private saloons in Riga. We will…

kāzu svinību vietas zāle, viesu nams Debesu bļoda
Frequently asked questions

What is the biggest event you have organised? A wedding with 150 guests. A big wedding is being considered having 100 guests and lasting 3 days. Most often, the weddings…

kāzu floristika
Transport service

Transport for you and wedding guests will be selected complex and decorated in according to your wishes. Transport for just married honeymooners: retro cars, limousines, business class cars, helicopters and…

retro auto