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Diamond rings

Schalins gredzeni, saderināšanās gredzeni, baltā zelta gredzeni ar briljantiem


Engagement rings with diamonds

Baltais zelts, Diamond Rings, gold, gredzeni, palādijs, Palladium, rings, saderināšanās gredzeni, Schalins Ringar, white gold


Engagement rings with diamonds

Saderināšanās gredzeni, Schalins gredzeni, gredzeni ar briljantiem


For men with rocks

Schalins gredzeni ar briljantiem

Trend Collection

Rings of gold and titanium

Zelta un titāna gredzeni, Titāna un zelta gredzeni, laulību gredzeni no titāna, laulību gredzeni no titāna un zelta, divkrāsu gredzeni, orģināli gredzeni, titāna un zelta, zelta un titāna, laulību gredzenu komplekti

The producer and rings

The producer Schalins Ringar’s Manufacturing is located in Sweden. The creating process is part mechanical and part handwork. The best quality, design, size and style are achieved through using melting…

About our company

Wedding planning company in Latvia “Wedding Agency” The company was founded in May 2003. It was the first wedding planning company in Latvia. We offer a full service wedding planning….