Вики и Сандис
wedding in castle, wedding planning in Latvia
Агрита и Янис
kāzu šūpoles
Ханна и Айварс
Mežotnes pils, ceremonija Mežotnes pils parkā
Синтия и Ренарс
Антра и Юлиус
kāzu galdu dekorācijas
Луизa и Христ
luterāņu baznīcā ceremonija
Адория — 10 лет
Adoria, pasākumu organizēšana
Övrigt sortiment

Обручальные кольца

Schalins gredzeni, saderināšanās gredzeni, baltā zelta gredzeni ar briljantiem
Schalins gredzeni ar briljantiem
Saderināšanās gredzeni, Schalins gredzeni, gredzeni ar briljantiem
Надя и Cаша

День нашей свадьбы стал самым сказочным днем в нашей жизни. отзывы свадебного агентства И в этом большая заслуга свадебного агентства «Mīlestība» и лично Даце. Спасибо за то, что помогли осуществить…

Линна и Янис

Huge thanks to you for the great work organization. Everything was perfect and amazing. Sending you pictures. THAAAANKS! GREETINGS Linna.

Эгита и Олег

Sandra, Dace, Kalvis and the rest of the team! Huge thanks for the beautiful 4th of May feast that you created for us and our beloveds! Exactly – created like…

Вита и Давис

Since we are living abroad, but we wanted to get married in Latvia, we quickly came to the conclusion that we should find an agency, because to plan a wedding…

Агния и Маттьев

Hello, Dace! Huge thanks to you for our amazing cooperation and our wedding planning! We are still very excited about our big day!!!!! It was so great!!!!! We still hear…

Дана и Джон

Because of this agency (personally Dace Miezīte) we had a fantastic wedding!! There was made a scenario, made up different fun and beautiful things starting with church and ending with…

Линда и Дзинтарс

Our wedding was on the 27th of August and this day will be the day for us that will stay in our memory as the most beautiful. Dace helped us…

Кристинa и Каспарс

Hello, Dace! We are very happy that you succeeded planning our ceremony outside, nevertheless, the good weather and the sun smiled shortly before the beginning of ceremony and the time…

Зaнэ и Андрис

With late greetings from Gitendorfi family. Seems like our big day happened very long ago, time flies unnoticeably. Looking at the photos they remind us our family’s beautiful fairytale, which…

plīvurs kāzu fotosesijā
Анда и Янис

We don’t know how to even start… Our happy day was in August; however the emotions and memories are as excitable as in that day. But about everything from the…

jaunais pāris siena laukā
Агрита и Янис

UNBELIEVABLE! It’s been a month since one of our the most unforgettable days, even it feels like it was just yesterday! 🙂 13.08.2016. – the day we said ‘I do’…

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