The producer and rings

The producer

Schalins Ringar’s Manufacturing is located in Sweden. The creating process is part mechanical and part handwork. The best quality, design, size and style are achieved through using melting furnaces, forging equipment, as well as other high-end industrial equipment and machinery. The integration of the diamond is handmade. The factory employs the best artisans in Sweden.
The market: Thanks to the high quality and the reasonable prices, 40% of wedding rings in Sweden are being made by Schalins. Currently Schalins products are being distributed in Norway and Denmark. During 2005 to 2006 The Schalins started marketing their products in England and Baltic countries.

About the rings
The factory buys and melts in furnaces 24 carat gold (1000/1000 pure gold). Each melting is being monitored by local public institutions who issue afterwards a certificate of quality. Schalins Ringar’s produces 18 carat (containing 750/1000 pure gold, 17% copper and 8% silver, also called Rosé gold) and 14 carats (containing 585/1000 of pure gold known as Hamilton’s gold). Schalins Ringar’s also produces white gold containing 18 carat gold and other metals (16% palladium). Adding palladium, gold adopts a white colour, so it is commonly referred as white gold.


Diamonds as a gemstone quality is characterised by the following four criteria: carat weight, colour, turbidity and polishing.
Carats: gemstone size between 0,01 and 1,00 carats.
The factory provides the WVS standard, which means that the diamond is clear and free from internal defects or inclusions of diamond crystal at least 0.04 carats and more, almost colourless (H).
Another well known category (standard) is the WSI diamond quality standard that represents the diamonds with small inclusions, 0.01-0.03 carats, as well as nearly colourless (H).
Colour and polishing: Schalins Ringar’s factory has mostly used the Vesselton standard white round diamond polishing with 57 planes, as well as Top Vesselton white F standard rectangular or the so-called princess buff. The high-quality diamonds the factory buys from dealers in Antwerp, Belgium and Sweden.

About quality

Every product and it’s quality is being tested and has passed all the necessary criteria, the final product is awarded with the BOS stamp of quality that has been shortened by Schalins owner’s Bror Örjan Schalin name. The stamp represents and symbolises the consumer rights to quality, ensuring the authenticity of the product and manufacturing traditions. At the same time the BOS stamp reflects the most advanced technologies, high quality and modern design, as well as competitive prices and prompt delivery.