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Engagement rings with diamonds

Engagement rings from Sweden. Almost all of the models of wedding and engagement rings from „Schalins” are available from white, yellow and pink gold, and it is especially important to those who prefer rings of white gold. Essentially it means that if You see a ring of yellow gold in the photography, then in any case it can be ordered of white gold as well.

Briefly about choice of engagement rings.

To determine which  rings suit You more, equally important it is to try them on and estimate. Most of the different collections are available locally. Furthermore, rings which You choose respectively we supply them in 10 working days. At the same time, it means that You can order the most desired model for You in any size. Taking into account all the circumstances, in Your possession there will be originally created a ring of Schalins. It won’t be neither reduced, nor increased, but right away created for You.

Overall about the wedding ring prices

Enumerate, in each photography there can be seen a price of the particular ring. Generally, if in the photography there is a ring of white gold, then the price in both cases is per the ring of white gold. Moreover, if in the photography there is a ring of yellow gold, but You desire to order it of white gold, then certainly it is possible to order the exact same ring of white gold.

Additionally, the wedding ring price depends on the amount of gold used. Accordingly it may have the same width of the ring with a different thickness. Resulting, the ring is heavier and cost more.

The quality of rings and especially importantly – diamonds

In all the wedding and engagement rings of Schalins there are:

  • their brand mark
  • hall mark of the Swedish state
  • hall mark of gold
  • the amount of karats

Naturally, all the rings have two year warranty. For the rings with diamonds respectively a certificate comes with. In the certificate it is noted what kind of weight and quality diamond or diamonds are in the particular ring. In any case in the web side of „Schalins” there is noted what kind of diamond is used in the particular model of every single ring.

Wide selection for Engagement rings from several collections:

Though it can be unusual for a Latvian, in the offering there are wedding rings for a man with a diamond from the collection “Attract”.