Wedding venue

kāzu svinību vietas zāle, viesu nams Debesu bļoda

We organize weddings all around Latvia. Latvian couples usually choose castles, manors or guest houses in countryside, but russian couples prefer castles, manors or private saloons in Riga. We will collect and provide you with information about the places that might suit you and your wishes in the best way possible.

Weddings taking place outside
Since 2006 we offer you the opportunity of having your wedding outside. We have organised weddings at the Sea, in parks of castles or manors, in the fields next to a guest house or in spacious halls in Riga or other towns.
It gives you the opportunity to create a special event, choose the place and decorations, as you have always wanted. The ceremony can be held by a priest, a person from a Register office or an actor, if you got officially married already before. The ceremony can be organized in Latvian, Russian or English.