Wedding design and the flower decorations

kāzu ziedu dekorācijas

Everything starts with a wedding place, matching invitations and bride’s dreams, but we can help with photos of our previous events and/or new ideas.

We work with two teams of decorators and considering your wishes and ideas we will help you to decide which team is the perfect match for you. Each team has it’s own style – one is working in the classical wedding style and the other is more into modern style.

Like the rest of the services this is totally up to the client and their wishes. We will provide you the ideas, e.g. the decoration on the tables can be simply made of flowers or with something more complex, like candlesticks or crystal vases with flowers. The chairs can be decorated with ribbons matching the style of the event as the napkins on the tables, the menus, the name-tags etc. All this can be arranged and created considering your wishes making this event an unforgettable experience for the guests and yourself.
Nobody else will understand you better than a professional decorator, who can directly provide you with ideas, variants and opinion.