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review. My wife Zane and I met whilst she was staying in London in 2011.

Our relationship soon blossomed and Zane decided she wanted to stay here with me. After a few happy years together, we got engaged 🙂 review

I am British and we lived in the UK, but we really wanted to get married in Latvia. It is Zane’s birthplace, her heritage, and very much a part of who she is. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place in which to join our families. as we became Man and Wife.
But how do you plan a Wedding that is going to take place in a different country? As we started thinking about it we quickly realised that. A Wedding is probably THE most complicated single life event. that anyone will ever have to plan. And we wanted ours to happen in a different country. Making it all the more incredibly difficult!

On top of that we had so many other wishes for our Big Day.

– from wanting to be able to combine Latvian and English traditions. Through to ensuring all of our Latvian and English guests were equally entertained. And able to understand what was going on throughout each part of the day.
It became very daunting and we ended up getting quite stressed and sad about it all. Because what we wanted seemed too much and impossible to achieve. Until we came up with the idea of finding a ‘Wedding Planner’ in Latvia to help us.

We had a few cold, disappointing and unfriendly responses from the first few agencies we contacted. And had almost given up when we found Dace and her Wedding Agency. We were so so lucky!
From our very first contact by email we got a very friendly. Positive and encouraging. Feeling from Dace and her wonderful team. It did not feel like we were talking to a business at all. Instead it was like talking to a happy and excited friend!

We were quickly invited to have a Skype video meeting.where we could meet with Dace face-to-face. (in English and Latvian) via the internet and talk about all the many things we were hoping for. It was a wonderful uplifting call. When it ended. We turned and looked at each other with huge grins on our faces. We were now both delighted, over-the-moon, and filled with excitement. As we just knew that this was the right choice.

Review. We had many other Skype meetings, email conversations and meetings in person several times.

whilst on trips to Latvia seeing Zane’s family. At every step of the way, Dace and her amazing team. Including Sandra, Marta, many others. were there to answer our questions. To take away the stress of the planning. And to find out what we really wanted. They happily fussed over us. and spent so much time. Making sure that everything was right for us. With every choice they offered us. numerous options and recommendations on who. Or what they felt best suited us. But there was no pressure at all. We could choose whomever or whatever we wanted.

As Dace and the team got to know us they really understood. what options fitted us best. For example, as we are a very romantic couple, they recommended a great photographer, Edgars. for being particularly good at capturing sweet and romantic moments. (and he really did on our day!)

We were able to meet almost everyone involved, from florists to videographers. and the Master of Ceremonies all at Dace’s office. and could find out everything and make all of our choices in one place. and through Dace and her team. making it very easy for us!

Dace took us to our favorite location for the Wedding.

so we could look around it and make sure it was right for us.and she took us to the hotel we had selected for our reception. to meet the manageress and see what we thought. at all times Dace and members of her team were with us. advising and supporting us. Once you realise everything that is involved. in making this day truly special. you will appreciate every bit of advice you can get, believe me!

The team made us feel that our Wedding was really special. to them and that everyone involved. cared about how each little detail would work – they wanted us to love it…

On the 28th of May 2016.

we and our 50 guests, experienced the most perfect. dreamy, fairy tale Wedding we could have ever imagined.  in fact, it was so much better than anything we could have imagined. Every last detail, from the locations, sequence of events. food, flowers and decorations, to the entertainment. and everything else in between was absolutely perfect. One of the big things Dace and her team focussed on was. making sure that everyone would be having an amazing time. and that there would not be any boredom from start to finish! They more than succeeded. our guests, whether in their ‘teens or their 80’s. enjoyed themselves. all the way through to the early hours!

My personal advice to you though. apart from our honest and heartfelt recommendation of course. is to follow Dace and her team’s advice. trust them, let them do their magic for you. and try not to dictate every little detail – I promise, you will not regret it! They truly love their work. and will craft you the most perfect day you could dream of.

Words cannot describe how incredibly grateful we are to you all. at The Wedding Agency. thank you thank you thank you. your incredible hard work and effort. your attention to detail and your absolute passion. for creating the most amazing Wedding. we could ever ever had hoped for. will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Your work is part of us and our story now. forever engrained in our hearts.

Thank you,
All our love,
Zane & Daniel