Kristine un Jean

Kristine un Jean

Kristine un Jean We had a fairy tale wedding! With no doubts it was one of the most beautiful days in our lives!

Nevertheless, just as in a fairytale. there was quite some work to be done before ‘the happily ever after’. Initially, we thought that we can arrange it all by ourselves. choose a location, prepare invitations, find a photographer, arrange all the paperwork, etc. However, soon enough we started losing sleep at night… There was just so much to organize! After all, we had not set ourselves an easy task. even in the very connected and modern world that we live in nowadays. it is not so easy and straightforward to organize a Brazilian-Latvian wedding. with more than 120 guests travelling to Latvia from more than 20 countries…

We were very lucky to find Dace and Wedding Agency! From the very first day when we started. our co-operation with Dace and her team, we regained peace! Dace took care of all the details, arranged decorations, DJ, lights, event masters. Roberto & Vanessa were fantastic, speaking in Latvian, English, and Portuguese! wedding cake, logistics, etc, etc, etc… With lots of patience, active listening, and emotional intelligence Dace helped us to organize an unforgettable day! Via skype calls and a few meetings. as well as on the wedding day itself. Dace and her team managed to take care of every single detail. with lots of care and love, everything was perfect!

With no hesitation we can recommend whoever might be still in doubt – Dace and her team are really the best in class! We will always be thankful, with lots of beautiful memories from this wonderful day and the journey of preparation beforehand!

With warm wishes,

Kristine & Jean