Дана и Джон

Because of this agency (personally Dace Miezīte) we had a fantastic wedding!! There was made a scenario, made up different fun and beautiful things starting with church and ending with going to seep, there was found a wedding host, a film maker, rent a bus, organized a small trip with yacht, ordered an amazing cake, candlesticks, ingraved champange glasses, the newlyweds room was decorated so romanticly and many other things, that I can’t even recall now, but everything was made according to our taste and preferences. The agency coordinated with the guest house and with the rest of the artists, we didn’t have absolutely no stress at all about the planning or any problems on our wedding day. EVERYTHING was thought out! Also we recieved different tips about diferent services, which we were searching for by ourselves. The day’s scenario will be coordinated by your preferences and the budget possibilities, and certainly there will be some kind of surprise. 🙂

Huge thanks and from the bottom of my hear I recommend this planner! 🙂